Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Mayan!

Eric and I invited our friends Kirsten and Aaron to go to this restaurant in Sandy called The Mayan. It is a Mexican Restaurant that is themed after the Mayan culture. It is like a jungle inside, with birds noises and stuff, but the best part is that every half an hour there is a cliff diving show. There is a big waterfall inside with a little pool at the bottom. Eric and I had gone before a while ago, but we were way up at the top of the restaurant and could hardly see the divers. This time we had the best seats you could have. We were sitting at the bottom right in front of the waterfall. We got lucky. We even got splashed a little but. Everytime a show started, all of these little kids would come running to see the divers, but all we had to do was sit right where we were eating! It was nice. Anyways, it was fun and the food was pretty good too! It was well worth the drive! Like i said before, I am in need of a good camera, because my camera doesn't do well in the dark. Hopefully you can pick out the divers in these pictures.


Superbowl Sunday's has got to be one of the best Sports Days of the year! Who doesn't like to hang out with good friend, eat delicious food, watch a good Football game, with great commercials, and well just have fun? I sure like all of those things. For the past two years, Eric's roommates had Superbowl parties. This year was not an exception. This year we only had nine people over: Ryan, Amber, Sean, Eric, me, Steve, April, Mike, and Carol. It was still fun with smaller numbers. I think my favorite part is planning for the food. Amber and I usually take care of this part of the day, and this year I think we did an excellent job. We thought we hadn't planned for enough food, and then once we got together, ,we realized that we had PLENTY!!! Here is a list of the food that we had: Taquitos, BBQ Beef Sandwiches, Meatballs, Seven Layer Bean Dip, Artichoke/Spinach Dip, Chili Cheese Dip, Crab Salad, Peanut Butter Bars, Football shaped Rice Krispy Treats, Chips and Soda. It was a lot of food. We were all so sick after eating it all, but it was so worth it! The game was great, even though we all wanted the Cardinals to win. The commercials were pretty good too. We were even in for a nice treat when there was an hour long office on!!! It was great! Here is a little slide show to prove that we had fun:


A week ago on Saturday, I finally went to witness Eric in action as a Sports Writer. He's done it a few times now, but I never go with him, because unless someone wants to go, then I would have to sit alone. Also, he has to go a half an hour early anf stay for the press conference afterwards. So our friends Ryan and Amber came with me, and I got to see Eric sitting so close to the players. Lucky guy! Eric is really enjoying writing for the Daily Universe. He likes it so much in fact, that he is hoping to get an internship this summer to do communications for the Basketball team. Anyways, here is a picture of Eric in action:

He is the third from the left sitting down. He is wearing a white shirt. I was pretty far away so the picture isn't great. I think it's time for a better camera...