Monday, October 8, 2012

No More

I decided that this blog will no longer be private.  I blogged about this awhile ago, and since then have decided that being private is not the way to go.  I would like to thank Tess and Kristen for their comments on this matter.  I'm glad to know I have at least two readers:)  So there you have it, my thoughts are private no more!  Hahaha.  Hopefully this is the motivation I need to blog more.

In other news, we found an apartment to live in.  Once things are final I'll tell y'all about it.  Haha... did you like my southern word?  Pretty sure hardly anyone around here has a southern accent and I have yet to hear someone say y'all.  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

1st Birthday!!!

On September 11th my little Travis man turned one!  I was going to plan a little party for him with all of our friends in Utah, but then Eric got this new job and everything changed.  We had a little mini celebration with Eric's parents when they were out helping us pack, since they wouldn't see him for his birthday.  That was nice.  On his actual birthday we were in San Diego visiting Eric's family.  We invited all of the family to come over to celebrate and then it just so happens that one of my very best friends, Kirsten, lives there as well so I invited her to come celebrate.  She actually came over in the afternoon with her two kids to swim with us.  That was fun.  Eric and Lincoln had a blast playing together and me and Kirsten chatted while swimming around with our babes (her little Scarlette is exactly 6 months older than Travis and is adorable!)  After swimming we had a pizza party with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncles Gary and Brian, Uncle Paul and Aunt Wendy, Uncle Reed and Aunt Gloria, Aunt Rosalie and Cousin Julia, Kirsten and her kids, Kirsten's husband Aaron (who rode his bike all the way from downtown San Diego to be there!!), and of course me and Eric!  After the pizza we sang Happy Birthday to the little man and we had some cake.  Travis loved it!  Check below for an awesome picture of him.  Following that Travis (more like Eric) opened presents.  He got some great gifts from everyone.  Thanks so much.  It was so much fun to be with family to celebrate this little man turning one!!

I'm not done yet.  After San Diego we went to Colorado to be with my family.  We were there between mine and Travis' birthdays, so my mom had a little celebration for both of us.  She wanted to make this cute frog cake for Travis and I didn't mind having a kid cake, so she made it.  It was super cute.  My mom is talented!  Travis loved that cake too. 

I am so thankful that my little Travis man was born a year ago (well, a little longer now.  I'm a little behind.)  He brings so much joy to me and Eric.  I love him so much and feel so blessed that I get to be his mom.  I am trying to give him the best life possible because that's what he deserves.   

IHop breakfast

Grandpa, Aunt Wendy and Julia

Lincoln and Travis

Grandpa, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Paul, Eric and Uncle Brian

Travis and his girlfriend Scarlette (love her backpack!!)

He actually wore his hat!

Playing with the noise makers

Grandma and Uncle Gary

"Blowing" out his candle

Biker Boy Aaron

Diggin' In


Eric opening Travis' presents.  Travis was so tired and not interested in the presents.  Maybe next year!
Froggy Cake!