Monday, November 21, 2011

My Little Man is 2 Months Old!

Travis had his two month appointment last Monday.  I was so anxious for it because I didn't know how he'd react to the shots.  Turns out it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. He did cry when he got pricked but as soon as I picked him up he calmed down.  He fell right asleep once I put him back in his car seat.  He ate at 12:45 and wasn't really acting any differently, but when he ate at 3:45 I could tell he was in a little pain.  He cried a little more than usual for a few days and was a little extra cuddly.  By Friday he was pretty much back to normal.  He didn't get a fever or anything.  My little guy was such a champ!

At his appointment he was 14 lbs, 2 oz. (93 percentile) and 25.2 inches long (98 percentile).  BIG boy!  Haha.  His head was 15.75 cm (47 percentile). 

 I just love my little man and can't believe that he's already over 2 months old!  He's growing so fast. 

2 Months Old!  Love those cheeks!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Teaching Him Young

I came downstairs one Sunday afternoon and found this.  Hilarious!  I think Eric was having fun. 


For Halloween we didn't really do much this year.  We stayed home and handed out candy, which was actually a first for us since we now live in a real neighborhood.  That was pretty fun  We did have a ward trunk-or-treat but didn't hear about it until the Saturday right before.  We didn't have any costumes planned, so we didn't dress up.  Eric ended up getting home late from work so we didn't make it to that.  We had chili and cornbread for dinner which was yummy!  I think I need to make that every Halloween.

OK, the real reason I'm writing about this is because of the following picture.  Let me give you a little background first.  When Travis was first born, Eric's sister Carly got him a "My 1st Halloween" outfit.  Naturally I had to put him in it for Halloween!  Well, this little outfit included a pumpkin hat.  We haven't put him in a hat since he was in the hospital.  Let's just say he doesn't like hats...  Here's the proof:

I kept it on long enough for the picture and then took it right off.  He instantly stopped crying!  Funny kid.
Next Halloween I'm dressing this kid in something awesome...  This little outfit was perfect for this year.  Thanks Carly!

My New Friend

Last week-end my friend Jennie came over with her little baby, Ashlynn, who is just 6 weeks older than Travis.  Naturally we had to take a picture of them together!  I think it's safe to say that Travis is a big boy.  He was just as long as her!  I think he's going to be tall.

Travis and his new friend:

 Oh, and we had to take one with the moms too!
Hopefully they will be friends once they know what friends are!  

Look What I Can do Mom!


On October 25, just a few days after Travis turned 6 weeks, he rolled over for the first time.  Eric had gotten home from work and put him on his tummy for "tummy time" and this was what happened.  He did it two other times after that so it wasn't just a fluke.  He has done it a few times since then too.  We were very excited!!  Our little boy is a champ!


The day after Travis' blessing he smiled for the first time!!  It seriously melted my heart and made me tear up.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  I was just laying on the floor playing with him, when he looked over at me and smiled!  My parents and Eric's mom were also there and saw it.  We all loved it.  He started smiling a lot more after that and keeps smiling more and more every day.  He smiles the most right after he eats and when he is on his changing table (he loves it).  I have tried to catch it on camera many, many times, but as soon as the camera comes out, he makes a serious face.  Silly kid.  Here is the closest to a smile that I could get.

  Isn't that just the sweetest face?!  I love him so much.  Oh yeah, and check out those chubby cheeks and double chin!


On October 16, Eric blessed our little Travis.  This is usually done on Fast Sunday's (the first Sunday of the month) but due to family being in town, we did it in the middle of the month, and we did it at our house.  (For all of my non-Mormon readers, babies are given a blessing in our church, much like babies are baptized in other churches.  We don't baptize until age 8.  It isn't the same thing as a baptism obviously, but it's still important.)  Since it was at our house, we kept it small, but it was perfect.  Travis was such an angel during the blessing and then afterwards he just stared at our picture of Jesus.  It was so sweet.  Eric gave him such a sweet blessing and I of course cried throughout the entire thing.  It was just so tender to see Eric bless his boy.

The outfit that he wore was made by my mom.  She is such a talented seamstress.  My favorite part of the outfit was the "pocket watch" that she attached to it.  It was actually a locket with a picture of Travis and his name and birth date.  It was cute.  I of course loved his little vest and bow tie too.  He was stylin!  We also had him wrapped in a white afghan that Eric's Grandma Zeugschmidt made for him.  It was perfect.

It was such a great day and I'm glad that our parents could all be there for it.  Thanks to everyone else who came, and to those who couldn't make it, we missed you!

Here Travis is in his outfit:

 A closer look:
One of my favorite pictures of Travis:
 Our little family:
 Travis and Grandma and Grandpa Zeugschmidt:
 Travis and Grandma and Grandpa DeLange:

Little Big Toe

We have this little pair of PJ's that Travis wears that belonged to Eric when he was a baby.  It was actually the outfit that Eric's parents picked him up in when he was adopted.  How sweet is that?  Anyways, I guess back then they made PJ's with feet that had an opening in them so that babies could wear them longer.  Well, because of this opening at his feet, the cutest little thing kept happening when I would wake him up to feed him at night.  Check it out:

 Seriously, how cute is that?  It made me smile every time I saw it.  Travis is longer now, so instead of just his toe sticking out, his whole foot does.  It's adorable.  Here's the whole outfit.  I need to get one of Eric wearing it and put the two pictures side by side...

Friday, November 11, 2011


The deed has been done.  I'm officially private now.  For those of you who rely on the newsfeed to check blogs, I made a seperate blog,, to notify you of when I update this blog.  Hopefully I will blog a little bit more now.  Hopefully...