Sunday, November 13, 2011


For Halloween we didn't really do much this year.  We stayed home and handed out candy, which was actually a first for us since we now live in a real neighborhood.  That was pretty fun  We did have a ward trunk-or-treat but didn't hear about it until the Saturday right before.  We didn't have any costumes planned, so we didn't dress up.  Eric ended up getting home late from work so we didn't make it to that.  We had chili and cornbread for dinner which was yummy!  I think I need to make that every Halloween.

OK, the real reason I'm writing about this is because of the following picture.  Let me give you a little background first.  When Travis was first born, Eric's sister Carly got him a "My 1st Halloween" outfit.  Naturally I had to put him in it for Halloween!  Well, this little outfit included a pumpkin hat.  We haven't put him in a hat since he was in the hospital.  Let's just say he doesn't like hats...  Here's the proof:

I kept it on long enough for the picture and then took it right off.  He instantly stopped crying!  Funny kid.
Next Halloween I'm dressing this kid in something awesome...  This little outfit was perfect for this year.  Thanks Carly!