Sunday, March 17, 2013

18 months!!

On Monday, March 11th, my little man turned 18 months old.  WHAT?!  How did that happen so fast?  We didn't do much that day except for go to the doctor and pick up a few things at the grocery store.  I was getting over the stomach flu, or something like it, so I wasn't up for going out.  Sorry buddy!  Travis only had to get one shot this time around and he took it pretty well.  The doctor said he is a healthy, big boy!  He is a little behind with his speech but the doctor isn't worried because he understands what we are saying.  I hope he starts to say more soon though.  Currently he can say: mom, dad, dog, no, oh-no, ta-da and go.  Sometimes he says some other words that sound like actual words but I'm not quite sure they're on purpose.  He did say that late speakers are usually later at potty training too. Oh great...  He did say to get a little potty and start introducing Travis to it though.  It should be fun.

One of the best things about Travis being 18 months old is that he can go to Nursery at church!!!  3 hours trying to keep an active toddler still is rough!!  Well now we only have to do it for 1 hour.  I took him to nursery today and he walked right in and starting playing without any troubles.  I stayed for a few minutes to make sure everything was fine and then I left!  The leaders said he did really well!!  I'm so proud of my little boy.  He is pretty social so I didn't really think he'd have a problem.  I can actually learn at church now!! At one point Eric peeked through the window to get a picture of Travis.  He was happily playing with one of the leaders!  See below.

Happy 18 months my sweet little boy.  I sure love you!  You are growing up so fast...