Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is for all you Star Wars fans out there...

Last night Eric and I were driving home from ours friends house. On our way home we pass by this park that we live right by. I think this park attracts some strange people, because we have seen some interesting things there. We see people dressed up in medieval cloth sword fighting with fake swords. We always laugh when we see them. Eric actually likes to drive by a few times because he finds them fascinating. Well last night we saw something new. As we were driving by we saw two flourescent lights in the park. These lights were moving around. Eric and I slowed down to look and realized that the lights were coming from two people with LIGHT SABERS!!! Yeah, I said lights sabers. They were practice fighting. Maybe it was Obi One Kinobi teaching Anakin Skywalker. Yeah it probably was. Haha! Anyways, Eric and I drove around to take a picture, and then I actually took this video of it. Oh they joys of living in Provo!

Stupid Car Alarm

I mentioned in my last post that our car was broken. Here is the full story. When we got home on Sunday from Colorado, Eric was going to move our Neon from our covered parking spot back onto the street so that we could park our Camry there. He tried to turn off the alarm, but it wouldn't turn off. I told him to get a new battery because the battery in the remote dies easily. He went upstairs to get a new battery, but when he came back down, it STILL wouldn't work. Fun huh? So then he decided to get into the car with the alarm going off and move it. Well he gets in, the alarm is going off (it's quite loud might I add), and guess what? The car won't turn on. We don't have jumper cables so I went up to our neighbors to see if they did. Turns out they don't, so Eric went on a hunt to find some. He finally found some, so we tried to jump the car, which was not a success. We realized that it wasn't the battery when the music and all of the lights were still working. That's not a good sign. We then decide to move the car to the street. Two of our male neighbors came to help Eric push it, while I steered. We got in to the street successfully where it sat for a few days. Luckily the alarm turns off after a few minutes once the car has not been touched. I really felt bad for our neighbors though, because throughout this whole faisco, the alarm was going off the WHOLE time! Anyways, so on Wednesday night Ryan and Amber came over with their Jeep and a tow cable. They helped us tow it down the street to a mechanic. The best part about this is that the alarm is still broken! So we get the cable attached to both of the cars and we're off! It was quite funny actually. Here is this jeep pulling this little car with the alarm going off the ENTIRE time. People must have thought that we were so dumb for trying to steal a broken car. Everyone who passed us was looking at us like we were idiots. It was funny. So we drop the car off and tell them that the alarm needs to be turned off before they worked on the car or else it would go off. The people turn it off and then get ready to push it. The guy got in the car and turned the key, and guess what? The car turned on! The alarm was broken, not the car. One of the security features is that the car can't turn on if the alarm is still on. So my poor little car will no longer have a car alarm... or automatic start. Hopefully it doesn't get stolen like it did before or broken into again... So like the title says, "STUPID CAR ALARM!" Here are some pictures and a video of this adventure!

Ryan attaching the rope to his car:

Eric attaching the rope to our car:

Here's Amber being silly:

Here's a silly video I took after getting the car to the parking lot:

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Longest Post that you Will Ever See.. BEWARE!

Well once again I have been a terrible blogger. My friend told me today that if I didn't post something she was never going to read my blog again. So thanks for the motivation Amber! It's been a month and a half. WOW.. time flies. So Eric and I have had a fun time this month. We have been traveling a lot. It's been fun but it sure makes you tired! Since it has been so long I'm just going to do a slide show and just briefly talk about the pictures in order.

First of all... we went to Vegas for President's Day week-end. We had a fun time making sugar cookies with my grandma and spending Valentine's day with them. They took us to Applebee's, which is their VERY favorite restaurant. We love to go visit them. They are a lot of fun. Eric bought me roses and tulips for Valentine's Day. I love when he buys me flowers. He is so romantic!

The next week-end my co-worker Cristina came over with her boyfriend to play Ticket to Ride. Love that game. She brought over some Creme Brule and a torch. It was so fun. I think we need to get one of those. The next day Eric and I went up to Salt Lake to go to Music and the Spoken Word at the Tabernacle on Temple Square. We went with The Baker's, a family Eric taught on his mission. I had never been and it was really neat. Alright moving on... sorry that this is so random!!

The next week-end Eric and I went to San Diego to go his cousin Erin's wedding. We left on Friday and flew out there. Eric's uncle got us cheap tickets because he works for Jet Blue. We really appreciated it. It made the trip a whole lot cheaper. We got to hang out with Eric's family a whole lot. It was fun for me to get to know them a little better. On Saturday we went to Breakfast with his family and then went touring a little bit. Eric's uncle Gary took us in a Limo to the Point Loma lighthouse. It was so pretty. It was fun to be in a limo. I felt like we were celebrities.. well not quite. Later that afternoon we went to their wedding. It was at a botanical garden. Very pretty!! Later that night we went to their reception and had some delicious food!! I ate some fish and liked it! That's' an accomplishment for me.

The next week-end Eric left me for a few days to go to Las Vegas to cover the Mountain West Basketball play-offs. He had a fun time. It was more a vacation than a school trip. He was playing most of the time. The team didn't make it to the finals so he got home on Saturday instead of Sunday. I missed him a lot, but it was alright because on Friday night Ryan and Amber and I had a sleepover. First we had dinner and then we went with our friends Steve and April to the Draper Temple open house. I had never been to one of those before. It was neat. I was Eric was with me though. After that we went back to their place and watched Ghost Town. It was funny. I was giggling most of them time. Then we went to bed... Ryan and Amber in their room, and me in the guest room. The next morning Ryan left to take a test so Amber and I watched "Made of Honor" and painted our toe nails. They were super cute. Then we went to Shirley's and bought DELICIOUS cinnamon rolls. I will definitely be back! Later that afternoon I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with Kirsten. I love seeing girly movies with her! Eric came back that night and we went to Costco with Ryan, Amber and Sean for dinner. Then we went and bought some pie for pie day and then went to play Ticket to Ride. Eric won.. again! It was fun though.

Alright so the most recent little trip was to Colorado top go to my cousin Clay's reception. We left on Friday at 2 and drover straight there. We got there at about 10 and went to our friends the Walton's house. We stayed up and talked to them for a little while. They used to live in Virgina and they are how I met Eric, so we all knew each other. The next morning we woke up before 8 to go help my family set up the church for the reception. Eric was up on a ladder putting a drop ceiling up. It sure looked nice. After we were there for a few hours we left to go back to the Waltons to get ready for the reception, but before going we HAD to go to KT's to eat. That's where I used to work for a long time!! I was so excited to eat there. After that I took Eric on a quick tour of where I grew up. I took him by my elementary school and Eric made me get out to take a picture. He liked it because I had sang my school song to him, which he thinks is funny. We then went back to the reception. It was fun to hang out with my family. I love to see Eric with them. Everyone just loves him!! After the reception we all went to Applebee's to eat. We got there right before they were closing. They were so happy about that!! After we ate, we went back to my Aunts house. My cousin and his wife wanted to open some of their presents, so we stayed to watch them open ours. A few presents turned into all of them. You can't stop once you start! We were there until 1 in the morning. It was late! We didn't go to bed until 2. SO LATE!! The next morning I got up and talked to Charlotte Walton for awhile. She made us her delicious cinnamon rolls. What a nice host! Then Eric and I got ready and were back on the road. We hit some pretty intense winds and had to dodge huge tumble weed more than once. After the eight hour drive, we came home to a nice surprise. Our other car wouldn't start. That's a story for another day though. I am typed out. Sorry it was so long. Hopefully I didn't bore you!! Enjoy the pictures!