Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stupid Car Alarm

I mentioned in my last post that our car was broken. Here is the full story. When we got home on Sunday from Colorado, Eric was going to move our Neon from our covered parking spot back onto the street so that we could park our Camry there. He tried to turn off the alarm, but it wouldn't turn off. I told him to get a new battery because the battery in the remote dies easily. He went upstairs to get a new battery, but when he came back down, it STILL wouldn't work. Fun huh? So then he decided to get into the car with the alarm going off and move it. Well he gets in, the alarm is going off (it's quite loud might I add), and guess what? The car won't turn on. We don't have jumper cables so I went up to our neighbors to see if they did. Turns out they don't, so Eric went on a hunt to find some. He finally found some, so we tried to jump the car, which was not a success. We realized that it wasn't the battery when the music and all of the lights were still working. That's not a good sign. We then decide to move the car to the street. Two of our male neighbors came to help Eric push it, while I steered. We got in to the street successfully where it sat for a few days. Luckily the alarm turns off after a few minutes once the car has not been touched. I really felt bad for our neighbors though, because throughout this whole faisco, the alarm was going off the WHOLE time! Anyways, so on Wednesday night Ryan and Amber came over with their Jeep and a tow cable. They helped us tow it down the street to a mechanic. The best part about this is that the alarm is still broken! So we get the cable attached to both of the cars and we're off! It was quite funny actually. Here is this jeep pulling this little car with the alarm going off the ENTIRE time. People must have thought that we were so dumb for trying to steal a broken car. Everyone who passed us was looking at us like we were idiots. It was funny. So we drop the car off and tell them that the alarm needs to be turned off before they worked on the car or else it would go off. The people turn it off and then get ready to push it. The guy got in the car and turned the key, and guess what? The car turned on! The alarm was broken, not the car. One of the security features is that the car can't turn on if the alarm is still on. So my poor little car will no longer have a car alarm... or automatic start. Hopefully it doesn't get stolen like it did before or broken into again... So like the title says, "STUPID CAR ALARM!" Here are some pictures and a video of this adventure!

Ryan attaching the rope to his car:

Eric attaching the rope to our car:

Here's Amber being silly:

Here's a silly video I took after getting the car to the parking lot: