Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday Eric and I had an eventful day. In the morning I went and got my hair cut by our friend Rachel, then we went over to Rachel and Steve's apartment to watch the BYU game. I wish I could have actually gone to the game, because it would have been a fun one. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, BYU beat UCLA 59-0. It was crazy!! After the game Eric and I went to the store to get some food for a bonfire later that night. Then we went with Ryan and Amber to their neighborhood picnic to get some free corn on the cob, pie and cotton candy. Then we finally made our way up Provo Canyon to have a bonfire. Since Eric and I have been dating, we've had about two a year. This was the second one this year. We usually go to the same place up in Nun's Park, but someone was there this time. We found another good spot though. It was Eric and I, Ryan and Amber, Rachel and Steve, their Pitbull Bentley, and Steve's brother Brandon. Our friend Sean was supposed to come too, but he got stuck cleaning the football stadium all night. We got a nice fire going, or should I say the boys did, then roasted hot dogs. For a wedding gift in Colorado we got these things called dough boys. Ryan and Amber were there when we got them, so I had been trying to convince them and Eric that they were good. Well I brought all of the supplies necessary to make them, and they were a big hit. Then we played a fun game of scum... but it was getting pretty cold so we packed up and left. I really like having bonfires, and I like that we have friends who like to do stuff like that too. The only thing that would have made the night better was if we had been camping... I want to go so bad. It has been over two years since I last went camping. That's far too long. Maybe next summer...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a Relief!!

For about a month before coming back out to Utah, I was applying for a lot of jobs out here. I really wanted to get a good job that was full time with benefits so that I could support us while Eric finishes school. I hadn't heard back from anyone before we left Virginia. I was getting a little nervous. When we got back to Utah, I started applying to more places. On the first Friday that we were here, I got called into an interview for the next Thursday for a job at BYU. I went to the interview and thought it went well. I felt rally good about it until I was told that they were going to start doing second interviews now and that they would let me know by Friday or Monday. On Friday I sat by my phone all day hoping for a call. I heard nothing back all day... until 4!! Talk about making someone nervous. They asked me to come back for an interview early Monday morning. They also said they were very impressed with me. Well I went in on Monday morning, and after about a 45 minute interview, they offered me the job!!! I was so excited. Eric and I had been prayin really hard about this job, because we'vre both heard that BYU is such a great place to work and that they have great benefits. I feel very blessed to have gotten this job. I started work the next day and so far I like it. So now I am officially an advisor in the Bachelor of General Studies office in the Department of Continuing Education. Everyone there is so nice, and I think that I will really like working there. It is close to home, and if I want to, I can see Eric.

Yesterday when I came home from work, Eric made me close my eyes because there was somthing that he wanted to show me. I went into the kitchen and heard he getting something out of the fridge. Well when I opened my eyes I saw the following:

Eric's parents and sister sent me this wonderful edible bouquet to congratulate me on getting the job. It wa so nice of them. I really appreciate it. Both our families were both very excited for me. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and such great in-laws. Here is me with my delicious bouquet!!

Bridal Shower

This past week-end, my friend Aubrey had a bridal shower. She's getting married to a guy from our freshmen year in college. I think that's pretty cool. She had her shower at Chile's, her favorite restaurant. It was good to see her after the summer and also to see a few of my friend from Freshmen year, well the one's that are still here in Utah. We just chatted a lot, ate some good food, Aubrey answered questions that Bryce was asked also asked, and then we had delicious dessert. Here's a picture of the girls who were there.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Fun Little Trip

Eric and I drove back to Utah from Virginia on August 23rd. It took us four days to make the trip. The trip was probably a little more exciting for me, since I had never made the drive before or been in most of those states. We were in the car for a LONG time... but it was fun. The first day we drove to Indianapolis, because Eric's mission companion's family lives there. Eric is pretty good friends with them so it was fun for him to see them. They took us out to dinner and ice-cream. The next day we drove for twelve hours and made it all the way to Hays, KS. I never knew how exciting Kansas was!!! Kansas City looked pretty cool, but then after that, there was nothing. We stopped in St. Louis to look at the arch. I liked it a lot. I had only seen it from an airplane before. We stayed in Hays, and ate at Carlos O'Kelly's, which was where Eric worked during High School. We were pretty excited to see they had one there. We were both really hungry. The next day we only drove for four hours, because we stopped in Colorado to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. It was great to see my family. I miss spending holiday's with them. My cousin and her family came over for a BBQ that night. The next morning we left and drove the eight hours to Utah. We stopped at this rest stop called Grizzly Creek. My family used to ALWAYS stop there when we were driving to Utah. The Colorado river runs right through it and the view is amazing. We finally got to Provo in the evening, unpacked our car, and got some sleep. After that it was a lot of cleaning, unpacking and decorating. I will post some pictures of our apartment a little later. So far I like it. I think it will work well for us. Here are some pictures of our little trip:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was such a blogging slacker for the past month!!

I got a little lazy with my blogging this month. I apologize for any of you out there who like to view our blog. I will get better I promise. This blog will be dedicated to a review of the past month, and then I will catch everyone up with the more recent events in our lives.

First off, Eric and I went to the Air and Space Museum. Here are a few picures of that adventure:

This is Eric in front of a Helicopter. This was the first Helicopter to fly around the world. It is called the "Spirit of Texas."

This is one of Amelia Earhart's planes. Obviously not the one that she was flying when she disappeared, but it's still pretty cool that she flew this one.

This is Eric in a cool hat holding a Republican sucker. They had this stuff in the Museum's gift shop. We thought about having him hold a Democrat sucker and sending it to my brother. He would have loved it! :)

Next thing we did was go to Baltimore with Eric's parents one week-end. We had a lot of fun walking around the Inner Harbor. Eric and I got to go in this little motor boat. I'm not sure that the thing connected to the boat should be called a motor though because it had NO power. It was fun though. We also went to the National Aquarium. It was a neat Aquarium with a lot to see. I loved watching the dolphin show. I think they are so cute. We ate some good food up there and then called it a day! We were up there for a good ten hours I believe. I think we all got our exercise in that day!

The last thing that I am going to write about in this "little" blog is about my summer sewing project. About almost every Thursday starting in June I believe, Eric's mom and I would go over to Sister Johnson's house(from the ward out there) and sew. My project for the summer was to sew a new skirt. It took me awhile, because I am not an experiences seamstress. In the end I got it finished, and I think it turned out pretty cute. Now that I know how to make it, I might just make some more!!

Well that's it for now. I will blog again soon about our trip across the U.S.