Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was such a blogging slacker for the past month!!

I got a little lazy with my blogging this month. I apologize for any of you out there who like to view our blog. I will get better I promise. This blog will be dedicated to a review of the past month, and then I will catch everyone up with the more recent events in our lives.

First off, Eric and I went to the Air and Space Museum. Here are a few picures of that adventure:

This is Eric in front of a Helicopter. This was the first Helicopter to fly around the world. It is called the "Spirit of Texas."

This is one of Amelia Earhart's planes. Obviously not the one that she was flying when she disappeared, but it's still pretty cool that she flew this one.

This is Eric in a cool hat holding a Republican sucker. They had this stuff in the Museum's gift shop. We thought about having him hold a Democrat sucker and sending it to my brother. He would have loved it! :)

Next thing we did was go to Baltimore with Eric's parents one week-end. We had a lot of fun walking around the Inner Harbor. Eric and I got to go in this little motor boat. I'm not sure that the thing connected to the boat should be called a motor though because it had NO power. It was fun though. We also went to the National Aquarium. It was a neat Aquarium with a lot to see. I loved watching the dolphin show. I think they are so cute. We ate some good food up there and then called it a day! We were up there for a good ten hours I believe. I think we all got our exercise in that day!

The last thing that I am going to write about in this "little" blog is about my summer sewing project. About almost every Thursday starting in June I believe, Eric's mom and I would go over to Sister Johnson's house(from the ward out there) and sew. My project for the summer was to sew a new skirt. It took me awhile, because I am not an experiences seamstress. In the end I got it finished, and I think it turned out pretty cute. Now that I know how to make it, I might just make some more!!

Well that's it for now. I will blog again soon about our trip across the U.S.


Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with your sewing skills! I wish I could do that.

Tess said...

I found you! :)
LOVE the skirt...bravo! We should get together while we're still in Provo and do sewing projects. I have a machine and 2 patterns for skirts. So, we should share. And no, I'm not saying this as a "yeah, someday" type thing. I seriously want to do it! I need a sewing buddy!