Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving Update

I kinda left everyone hanging with what was going on with us here in Atlanta.  Let me just back track a little bit and start from the beginning (mostly for my record)!  I promise I will keep it short:)

Alright, we moved out of our townhouse in Provo on September 4th with plans to drive to Vegas the next day.  We had so much help with the move, especially from Eric's parents who practically packed our whole place.  They were awesome.  We also had tons of help moving out and cleaning.  Thank you so much to everyone!  Ok, so the next day we said our good-byes, drove 150 miles and noticed something wrong with our car, got towed back to Provo and had our car worked on for two days while staying in a hotel with no car...  It was kinda frustrating.  Turns out someone who had worked on our car (we still don't know who) filled our transmission fluid too full, it got hot and overflowed which is no good for the engine.

Moving on, we left Provo and finally made it to Vegas to see my grandparents.  We also got to see my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin Alex and his girlfriend.  We were only able to stay one night because of the car trouble, but luckily we had just seen them all a few weeks before.  I was still sad to go.

We drove to San Diego the next day where we stayed with Eric's grandparents, saw all of Eric's aunts and uncles and a few cousins, swam a few times, celebrated Travis' first birthday, ate a lot of delicious food, and saw one of my very best friends, Kirsten!

After about 5 days in San Diego Travis and I flew to Denver and Eric drove by himself to Denver.  Other than visiting with my parents and sister, I saw my aunt and uncle and three of my cousins and their kids, saw my grandparents in Colorado Springs, shopped:), ate at KT's BBQ (where I worked for a long time) went to Boulder, visited The Waltons, celebrated mine and Travis' birthdays and went to lunch with my best friend from high school, Alissa.  I wish I could have stayed a little longer before moving so far away!

On September 19th, Eric left to drive to Atlanta and on September 21, Travis and I flew out there to start our new adventure!

Stay tuned for what happened once we got to Atlanta!  

Monday, October 8, 2012

No More

I decided that this blog will no longer be private.  I blogged about this awhile ago, and since then have decided that being private is not the way to go.  I would like to thank Tess and Kristen for their comments on this matter.  I'm glad to know I have at least two readers:)  So there you have it, my thoughts are private no more!  Hahaha.  Hopefully this is the motivation I need to blog more.

In other news, we found an apartment to live in.  Once things are final I'll tell y'all about it.  Haha... did you like my southern word?  Pretty sure hardly anyone around here has a southern accent and I have yet to hear someone say y'all.  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

1st Birthday!!!

On September 11th my little Travis man turned one!  I was going to plan a little party for him with all of our friends in Utah, but then Eric got this new job and everything changed.  We had a little mini celebration with Eric's parents when they were out helping us pack, since they wouldn't see him for his birthday.  That was nice.  On his actual birthday we were in San Diego visiting Eric's family.  We invited all of the family to come over to celebrate and then it just so happens that one of my very best friends, Kirsten, lives there as well so I invited her to come celebrate.  She actually came over in the afternoon with her two kids to swim with us.  That was fun.  Eric and Lincoln had a blast playing together and me and Kirsten chatted while swimming around with our babes (her little Scarlette is exactly 6 months older than Travis and is adorable!)  After swimming we had a pizza party with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncles Gary and Brian, Uncle Paul and Aunt Wendy, Uncle Reed and Aunt Gloria, Aunt Rosalie and Cousin Julia, Kirsten and her kids, Kirsten's husband Aaron (who rode his bike all the way from downtown San Diego to be there!!), and of course me and Eric!  After the pizza we sang Happy Birthday to the little man and we had some cake.  Travis loved it!  Check below for an awesome picture of him.  Following that Travis (more like Eric) opened presents.  He got some great gifts from everyone.  Thanks so much.  It was so much fun to be with family to celebrate this little man turning one!!

I'm not done yet.  After San Diego we went to Colorado to be with my family.  We were there between mine and Travis' birthdays, so my mom had a little celebration for both of us.  She wanted to make this cute frog cake for Travis and I didn't mind having a kid cake, so she made it.  It was super cute.  My mom is talented!  Travis loved that cake too. 

I am so thankful that my little Travis man was born a year ago (well, a little longer now.  I'm a little behind.)  He brings so much joy to me and Eric.  I love him so much and feel so blessed that I get to be his mom.  I am trying to give him the best life possible because that's what he deserves.   

IHop breakfast

Grandpa, Aunt Wendy and Julia

Lincoln and Travis

Grandpa, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Paul, Eric and Uncle Brian

Travis and his girlfriend Scarlette (love her backpack!!)

He actually wore his hat!

Playing with the noise makers

Grandma and Uncle Gary

"Blowing" out his candle

Biker Boy Aaron

Diggin' In


Eric opening Travis' presents.  Travis was so tired and not interested in the presents.  Maybe next year!
Froggy Cake!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guess What?

So some big things are going on in the Zeugschmidt household right now.  I'll give you a hint:

If that isn't obvious, then I don't know what is!!  Yes, we're moving!  It's a little crazy for us because this all happened so fast.  Eric got a new job with Edelman Public Relations.  He did his internship with them two years ago, and has been checking their website for jobs ever since.  Well, he found one, applied for it on a Tuesday (I think), got called for an interview on Friday of the same week, had a Skype interview the following Tuesday, then another Skype interview the same Friday.  He then had to take a grammar test and a writing test by the following Monday.  He was offered the job last Thursday, and we accepted it on Monday.  Did you get all of that?  It's a lot, huh?  I don't know if the days are ll correct, but you get the idea.  Have I tortured you enough with not telling you where?  I'll give you some hints (can you tell I'm into guessing games?  haha):

Alright, for those of you who don't follow sports teams, here's a more obvious hint:

Alright, enough games.  We're moving to Atlanta!  We are excited, and nervous.  I've never been there but everyone I talk to says it's a great place.  Everything has seriously been falling into place, which confirms to us that this is the right thing.  We are leaving Utah on September 5, and Eric's first day is September 24.  We are going to make a little vacation out of this move and visit some family along the way.

I better get used to humidity.... but at least I'm closer to beaches and Disney World!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


How sweet is this picture?  My little boy sure loves to read.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

To be or not to be... Private!

So as you (all 2 of you) may have noticed, I am not the best blogger.  I have a hard time being motivated to update my blog, especially when I am not around a computer most of the time.  Blogging was so much easier when I was doing it to look busy at work, haha!  Anyways, now that my blog is private, I feel like people check it a lot less, which makes me even less motivated to update it.  I do have another blog so people can know when I update, but I don't know if it's helping.  So my question here is, should I keep my blog private, or go back to being public?  I don't want creepers reading about my little boy.  Am I being too paranoid?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fell Behind... Again

So I never finished blogging about my Texas trip, so I think I'll just do a quick post to finish it off.  Pretty much I'm going to just add some pictures.

Travis playing with Abbie at the playplace at Chik-fil-A.  He loved to watch her climb up and go down the slide.

Cousins!  Abbie loves Travis.

Abbie and Travis "playing" her princess drum set.  Travis is really into it can't you tell??

Potbelly's!!!  Oh how I miss this place.  Kristen introduced me to their ice-cream sandwiches and they are oh so yummy!!

Abbie is such a monkey!

A little gecko.  The kids loved this thing.

Ready for church.  Travis looks so chubby here.  Haha!

Cousins Tyler and Travis!

Abbie loved to hold Travis.  She asked me to hold him a few times a day.

We got to go to Matt's Kindergarten music program.  It was the cutest thing ever!  Seriously, all of those cute little voices singing was so sweet.  Matt has the frog hat on.

Ty trying to make Travis laugh.

Homemade pizza and movie night.  The kids liked decorating their own pizza.  Abbie just wanted to eat the pepperoni.  

Well, there we go.  There is so much I didn't blog about but it's been a month and a half since I was there.  At least now I have the pictures posted as memories.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Swimming.. again

After Tyler's baptism, we all went swimming.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Travis was tired so he slept the whole time.  I was holding him, but then handed him over to grandpa so I could swim a little bit.  I'm glad that I did.  It felt good to swim!  I actually spent most of my time in the hot tub playing with Matt.  The pool was actually kinda cold even though it was nice and warm outside.  Me and Matt played this little game with one of those noodles where we'd put it under the water to get it full of water, and then we'd lift it up super fast and blow on the opposite ends until the water would splash in the other person's face.  Matt loved it so we did it over, and over and OVER!!  Funny kid.  He was actually better at it than I was so I got a lot of water in my face (that's probably why he liked it so much).


The original reason that I went to Texas was to see my oldest nephew, Tyler, get baptized.  We got there on Friday evening and the next morning was Tyler's baptism.  It was such a nice day.  My older brother Chris, his dad, baptized him.  Before the baptism, my dad gave a little talk about baptism and then afterwards his grandma Hammond gave a talk about the Holy Ghost.  We took some family pictures afterward, BUT I was feeding Travis at the time and my other nephew had a baseball game to get to, so I am not in any of those pictures.  We took one of us before I left though.  It just so happened to be on the day that I didn't have time to fix my hair, so don't look at my nasty hair...  I'm glad I was able to be a part of Ty's special day!

Chris and Tyler
Everyone from my side of them fam, minus me and Travis

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Grandparents

Travis got to meet his first set of great-grandparents when we went on our little trip.  He met my mom's parents, grandma and grandpa Morley.  I think they liked him:)  How could you not?!

We still have a few great-grandparents to meet.  Hopefully we can get around to some of that this summer.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swinging Baby

I have wanted to put Travis in a swing for so long.  However, I don't know where any baby swings are around here.  Well, the first day that I was in Denver, Travis and I went to the park by my parents house with my mom and sister.  The park had an infant swing, even better than what I was looking for.  I put him in the swing and he loved it.  He started laughing!  It was hilarious.  I got some of it on video but it isn't great.  He had stopped laughing by that point and the angle makes it so you can't see his face.  Oh well.  You can still tell he likes it.  I see a lot more swinging in our future!

Monday, May 28, 2012

1st Airplane Ride

On May 9th Travis got to go on his first airplane!  We flew from Provo to Denver for a quick visit before heading to Houston.  I was SO nervous because Eric wasn't with us and I didn't know how he would handle it.  He was such a good baby.  He flirted with the girl next to me almost the whole time, and then when we landed, he fell asleep on me.  Silly boy.  Our gate was A 60, so I held him on my shoulder and pushed the stroller with my other arm all the way to the baggage claim where I met my sister, and then all the way to the car.  It was a good 45 minute nap for him.  I'm glad he did so well on the airplane.  He didn't have any ear issues that I could tell, thanks to his binky!

He had 3 other plane rides on our trip.  We were with both my mom and dad for one, then just my mom, and then just the two of us going home.  He did well on all of them!  He had little moments where he would cry for a few seconds but he would calm down easily.  After our flight to Houston, the lady behind me told me that I have the best baby in the world.  She hardly noticed that there was a baby on the flight except for the fact that he would smile at her when he was standing on my lap.  I'm one lucky momma!

Here's a picture from his first flight.  Isn't he cute?

Here he is on our way to Houston!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


While we were up in Park City we took Travis swimming for the first time.  At first he really didn't have any reaction.  After a little while he would just kick his legs in the water.  He loved it!  We took him swimming twice in the same day.  The second time we didn't stay in very long though because the pool was outside and it was chilly.  A few weeks later I took Travis swimming again, but he didn't like it.  I think it's because he was SUPER tired.  He ended up talking a nap on me while everyone else swam.  We'll have to try again soon.  I hope he continues to like it, because I love to swim and I intend on swimming a lot this summer!

Below is a video of Travis going in the pool for the first time with daddy, a picture with me, and then a picture of him sleeping instead of swimming.


Me and Eric have been married for four years as of May 3.  We decided to go on a little getaway to Park City, which we did for our first anniversary.  It was a lot of fun and nice to go somewhere and have time together.  We went up on Thursday (Eric took Friday off) and came back on Saturday afternoon.  We we going to leave right after Eric got off of work at 5 and eat at Texas Roadhouse, but Eric ended up having to stay at work to finish a project.  He didn't leave until after 6, and now that we have a kid, we can't start things too late in the evening.  I was kind-of upset, but everything was ok when Eric came home with a $100 gift card to Ruby River Steakhouse.  The people he was helping knew he was leaving for his anniversary so they gave him the card as a thanks for staying late to help.  We ended up going there instead, naturally!  Once we got up there we had to put Travis straight to bed.  Staying in hotels with a kid is much different.  We ran to him if he made even one peep!  Also, we couldn't do much when he was sleeping.  It was nice to just hang out with Eric though.

The next day we took Travis swimming (more about that later) and then moved to a different hotel.  We had a free night at one hotel but wanted to stay at a nice one right on one of the ski slopes.  It was nice.  Anyways, that day we went to Main Street Park City for lunch and ice-cream and then just walked around.  We took Travis swimming again and then went out for some delicious Mexican food.  This second hotel was like a 1-bedroom apartment so we could put Travis to sleep in a separate room.  We put him out by the kitchen because this hotel had the BIGGEST tub and all I wanted to do was take a bubble bath.  Once Travis was in bed that's exactly what I did.  It was so relaxing.  I've been wanting to take a bath for so long, but little bath tubs are no fun.

The last day we went and got some breakfast since the nicer hotel didn't provide it.  Seems backward to me.  Anyways, we then went to the outlets and got me some new clothes.  I love having outlets relatively close.  I'm not sure Eric does though:)  We then headed home!  It was such a nice little getaway.  It was hard to do a lot of things because we had to plan around Travis' nap and eating schedule.  I guess I should get used to traveling not being so easy!  It's so worth it to have such a cute little boy though!

Ok, now some pictures:

Dinner at the Steakhouse

Daddy and Son

Travis' cheesy smile.  Don't you just love those cheeks?!

Look how small he looks in the giant tub

Family Photo

Travis mesmerized by the fire