Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

So today I went to work at 8, and about an hour later the snow just started falling. There were huge snowflakes coming down and the ground and trees were just covered in white. It was so pretty. Over lunch there had to be about 6 inches. All I know is that ballet flats without socks was not a good idea when walking through fresh now! So about an hour after I got back from lunch, I received an e-mail stating that the University was closing down due to the weather so that the employees could get home safely. Eric came to get me and then we went home. The snow just kept coming and coming. Eric and I decided that we wanted to take some pictures of it. We went outside just for a few minutes and played in it. This snow is the PERFECT snow for snowballs and forts!! I was so ready to play. I made a few snowballs and threw them at Eric... and he did the same. It was fun... and here's the proof of the pretty snow!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

One day early in December Eric and I were thinking about what kind of Christmas Tree to get. We were thinking about getting a fake one because then we wouldn't have to store it. Well we went to look at them only to realize that little trees cost like 30 dollars. That was as much as this tree from Wal-Mart that's 6.5' and pre-lit... so we decided to go fake. It actually looks quite nice and will last us a few years. We bought a few bulbs at Wal-Mart but not too many because Eric and I both have ornaments from going up. We only have Eric's right now, but all of mine will be on there soon. We tied a cute little bow on the top... and we have a cute little tree. I actually really like it. It reminds me of my tree from home. We may need to get an actual tree topper for next year, but I think it's a great tree for our 1st Christmas. We did such a great job. Oh, and the tree skirt was $1 from the Dollar Store. Gotta love it!! What a Pretty tree!!!

Temple Square

Two week-ends ago, a few of us couples got together to go up to Temple Square to see the lights. Before going up there we stopped at Five Guys (yes we like to eat there) and then headed up to Salt Lake. After searching for a spot for what seemed like hours, we finally got there. We walked around and took a few pictures. The lights are absolutely amazing. The trees are covered in lights. Someday I would like my trees to look like that! Then we walked over to Starbucks to get some carmel apple ciders. That did the trick. We were all a little cold. It was a nice little trip. It was nice to get out and walk around in such a beautiful place. We got about every year, but every year it is still worth it!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Festival of the Trees

After getting back from VA, our good friends Kirsten and Aaron called us up and asked us to go to the Festival of the Trees with them. I had never heard of it, but it sounded like fun, so we said we would. After going to eat at delicious Five Guys (if you don't know what it is... ask us and we'll take you) we headed up to the SouthTown Expo Center and saw some amazing Gingerbread houses and Christmas Trees. There were so many trees there that were all decorated so nicely. People get to buy the trees and anything that comes with it, and the money gets donated to a children's hospital or something. It's a pretty cool thing that they do. The whole place was filled with Christmas stuff... including food. Here is a glimpse of what we saw:

Had my camera not died, I would have taken a lot more pictures. There were a lot of amazing trees. What a fun night we had!


So maybe it's a little late to blog about Thanksgiving, but oh well. We actually went to Virginia for the holiday. Eric and I flew to Virginia the day before. We spent the evening with his family and went to eat at Sweetwater Tavern for Eric's birthday. The food was excellent. We then had some Boston Cream Pie for his Birthday. The next day was Thanksgiving, so the morning was spent preparing for the FEAST!!! Eric's Aunt and Uncle came over with his three cousins. We had a lot of good food!! Shortly after we finished eating, we ran over to the movie theater to see Bolt. It was such a cute movie. I would recommend it to anyone!! After that movie, just Eric's immediate family, which includes me as well, ran to a different movie theater to see James Bond. That one was good as well. The next day we got up and went to Mount Vernon, which was George Washington's house. It was very pretty and quite large for that time. The house is right on the Potomac River. It has a great view! Later that evening, we all went in to DC to go see a Jazz concert put on by the Washington National Symphony. The had the US Army Jazz AMbassadors there along with other performers. That was a very good concert. Jazz music is quite enjoyable. The next morning Patty, Carly and I went off and had a little girl shoppng too. Those are always fun. We got a few new crafts to do and Christmas dresses! It was a very productive trip! That evening we all got decked out in Green and Gold and headed off to a George Mason basketball game. His family all loves going to those games! The team won, which is always a plus! Then we all went home and played some games. I won't go too much into that because I am still a little bitter about the outcome! The next day we all got to help set up their Christmas tree and put all their decorations up around the house. I love Christmas, so this was a fun thing for me. Later that afernoon we were off to the airport... and back to Utah. The vacation was far too short, but very enjoyable!! Here are some pictures of our visit to Mount Vernon: