Friday, December 19, 2008


So maybe it's a little late to blog about Thanksgiving, but oh well. We actually went to Virginia for the holiday. Eric and I flew to Virginia the day before. We spent the evening with his family and went to eat at Sweetwater Tavern for Eric's birthday. The food was excellent. We then had some Boston Cream Pie for his Birthday. The next day was Thanksgiving, so the morning was spent preparing for the FEAST!!! Eric's Aunt and Uncle came over with his three cousins. We had a lot of good food!! Shortly after we finished eating, we ran over to the movie theater to see Bolt. It was such a cute movie. I would recommend it to anyone!! After that movie, just Eric's immediate family, which includes me as well, ran to a different movie theater to see James Bond. That one was good as well. The next day we got up and went to Mount Vernon, which was George Washington's house. It was very pretty and quite large for that time. The house is right on the Potomac River. It has a great view! Later that evening, we all went in to DC to go see a Jazz concert put on by the Washington National Symphony. The had the US Army Jazz AMbassadors there along with other performers. That was a very good concert. Jazz music is quite enjoyable. The next morning Patty, Carly and I went off and had a little girl shoppng too. Those are always fun. We got a few new crafts to do and Christmas dresses! It was a very productive trip! That evening we all got decked out in Green and Gold and headed off to a George Mason basketball game. His family all loves going to those games! The team won, which is always a plus! Then we all went home and played some games. I won't go too much into that because I am still a little bitter about the outcome! The next day we all got to help set up their Christmas tree and put all their decorations up around the house. I love Christmas, so this was a fun thing for me. Later that afernoon we were off to the airport... and back to Utah. The vacation was far too short, but very enjoyable!! Here are some pictures of our visit to Mount Vernon:


Tess said...

Mount Vernon is awesome. I bet it's even better when it's not melting hot outside (did I mention I went mid-July?) Also, I was a bit disturbed by being in the room and seeing the bed he died in. Eeek.