Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today is Eric’s 25th Birthday! Isn’t he getting so old? Kidding! He’s still a spring chicken. I have some fun things planned for us to do tonight and then tomorrow we will be in Virginia celebrating again. Lucky guy… he’s going to get more than just one birthday celebration. Well to honor Eric on this very special day, I want to tell all of you 25 things that I love about Eric. So here we go:

1. He is so nice to everyone
2. He likes to have fun
3. He is a wonderful singer
4. He is a wonderful piano player, which makes me jealous
5. He has a way with people and can make everyone laugh
6. He is a great cook
7. He loves sports and will play them with me
8. He loves to play games with me too, he even lets me win on occasion
9. He is worthy to go to the temple and is very active in the church
10. He loves his family and is so nice to his mom and sister
11. He loves my family
12. He studies so hard so that he can get good grades and eventually a good job
13. He is such a hard worker in general
14. He is great with little kids and will make a great father someday
15. He tucks me in every night when he can’t come to bed with me
16. He is a very clean person
17. He is a great teacher
18. He makes everyone around him feel special
19. He likes sugar and could eat it all of the time
20. He is very creative
21. He is sweet and romantic
22. He dances with me
23. He is very supportive of me in everything that I do
24. He is great with money
25. He loves me

So there we go, those are 25 of the things that I love about Eric. I could go on much longer, but I’m sure everyone would not like to read that. Happy Birthday Eric! I love you!