Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our apartment!

Okay, so I hope that I have blogged enough for all of you who actually read this (I don't know how many of you actually do....). My last post of the day is going to be of our little apartment. I took some pictures this morning. We really like our little apartment. It suites our needs for the most part. The only thing that it doesn't have, is the option to have a dog. That would make it perfect for Eric. He wants one so bad!! We are saving our change to buy one someday. So if any of you would like to add to our dog fund, it would be much appreciated!! Anyways, here is our apartment:

This is the family room. It's not terribly big, but it's comfortable. As you can see, this is where the front door is. You immediately walk into the family room and then go straight back to the dining room and kitchen.

Here is the dining room/kitchen. The kitchen isn't very big, but it has a lot of cupboard space and counter space for the size. I actually like the kitchen a lot. We even have two little bar stools which are fun to have. I eat lunch there a lot! The washer and dryer are in a closet next to the fridge, but you can't see those doors in this picture.

This really isn't a great pictures of our spare bedroom, but it was hard to get at an angle where you could see the whole thing. These are our two little shelves. You can see the chair to our desk against the wall. You can also see Eric's bamboo plant. This is quite possiby Eric's very favorite thing in the entire place. He likes to show people it whenever they come over. Isn't he cute? So yeah, we also have our bedroom and a bathroom, but they aren't very exciting, so I'll spare you pictures of them! I hope you like it. If you ever want to see it in person, just come on over! We love having guests. Our couch is even a fouton, so we could even have a sleepover!!


Lindsay Pace said...

Gold star for you and blogging! I hope you are having a great weekend!