Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Fun Little Trip

Eric and I drove back to Utah from Virginia on August 23rd. It took us four days to make the trip. The trip was probably a little more exciting for me, since I had never made the drive before or been in most of those states. We were in the car for a LONG time... but it was fun. The first day we drove to Indianapolis, because Eric's mission companion's family lives there. Eric is pretty good friends with them so it was fun for him to see them. They took us out to dinner and ice-cream. The next day we drove for twelve hours and made it all the way to Hays, KS. I never knew how exciting Kansas was!!! Kansas City looked pretty cool, but then after that, there was nothing. We stopped in St. Louis to look at the arch. I liked it a lot. I had only seen it from an airplane before. We stayed in Hays, and ate at Carlos O'Kelly's, which was where Eric worked during High School. We were pretty excited to see they had one there. We were both really hungry. The next day we only drove for four hours, because we stopped in Colorado to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. It was great to see my family. I miss spending holiday's with them. My cousin and her family came over for a BBQ that night. The next morning we left and drove the eight hours to Utah. We stopped at this rest stop called Grizzly Creek. My family used to ALWAYS stop there when we were driving to Utah. The Colorado river runs right through it and the view is amazing. We finally got to Provo in the evening, unpacked our car, and got some sleep. After that it was a lot of cleaning, unpacking and decorating. I will post some pictures of our apartment a little later. So far I like it. I think it will work well for us. Here are some pictures of our little trip: