Monday, November 21, 2011

My Little Man is 2 Months Old!

Travis had his two month appointment last Monday.  I was so anxious for it because I didn't know how he'd react to the shots.  Turns out it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. He did cry when he got pricked but as soon as I picked him up he calmed down.  He fell right asleep once I put him back in his car seat.  He ate at 12:45 and wasn't really acting any differently, but when he ate at 3:45 I could tell he was in a little pain.  He cried a little more than usual for a few days and was a little extra cuddly.  By Friday he was pretty much back to normal.  He didn't get a fever or anything.  My little guy was such a champ!

At his appointment he was 14 lbs, 2 oz. (93 percentile) and 25.2 inches long (98 percentile).  BIG boy!  Haha.  His head was 15.75 cm (47 percentile). 

 I just love my little man and can't believe that he's already over 2 months old!  He's growing so fast. 

2 Months Old!  Love those cheeks!


D & C Larson said...

Oh what a cute chunky little boy! He is so big! I need to come and visit you soon- what are your plans for the holidays?

Unknown said...

He is the cutest little boy ever!