Sunday, November 13, 2011


On October 16, Eric blessed our little Travis.  This is usually done on Fast Sunday's (the first Sunday of the month) but due to family being in town, we did it in the middle of the month, and we did it at our house.  (For all of my non-Mormon readers, babies are given a blessing in our church, much like babies are baptized in other churches.  We don't baptize until age 8.  It isn't the same thing as a baptism obviously, but it's still important.)  Since it was at our house, we kept it small, but it was perfect.  Travis was such an angel during the blessing and then afterwards he just stared at our picture of Jesus.  It was so sweet.  Eric gave him such a sweet blessing and I of course cried throughout the entire thing.  It was just so tender to see Eric bless his boy.

The outfit that he wore was made by my mom.  She is such a talented seamstress.  My favorite part of the outfit was the "pocket watch" that she attached to it.  It was actually a locket with a picture of Travis and his name and birth date.  It was cute.  I of course loved his little vest and bow tie too.  He was stylin!  We also had him wrapped in a white afghan that Eric's Grandma Zeugschmidt made for him.  It was perfect.

It was such a great day and I'm glad that our parents could all be there for it.  Thanks to everyone else who came, and to those who couldn't make it, we missed you!

Here Travis is in his outfit:

 A closer look:
One of my favorite pictures of Travis:
 Our little family:
 Travis and Grandma and Grandpa Zeugschmidt:
 Travis and Grandma and Grandpa DeLange: