Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little Big Toe

We have this little pair of PJ's that Travis wears that belonged to Eric when he was a baby.  It was actually the outfit that Eric's parents picked him up in when he was adopted.  How sweet is that?  Anyways, I guess back then they made PJ's with feet that had an opening in them so that babies could wear them longer.  Well, because of this opening at his feet, the cutest little thing kept happening when I would wake him up to feed him at night.  Check it out:

 Seriously, how cute is that?  It made me smile every time I saw it.  Travis is longer now, so instead of just his toe sticking out, his whole foot does.  It's adorable.  Here's the whole outfit.  I need to get one of Eric wearing it and put the two pictures side by side...