Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's been a good month

Once again I have been a blogging lame-o!! I really don't mean to, and maybe someday I will be much better. It really had been a good month though. The highlight of the month for Eric and I, though, would have to be that Eric was accepted into the Public Relations major at BYU. That's really a big refief for us and it also means that there is an end in sight!! Yes, we will be leaving Provo someday! It's very exciting though. I know that Eric is very happy about it, as he should be. I'm so proud of him!!! I also turned 24 this past month on the 22nd. I am getting so old! Kidding. Eric's mom even came out the week-end before to celebrate with us, among other things. It was nice to have her here, but it was definitely not long enough! We have done a lot of things this past month, and instead of writing about each of them (what a long blog that would be), I am just going to make an AWESOME slide show. So enjoy the pictures.


bellabuzz said...

Alli I just discovered your blog through facebook stalking ;) I'm so excited you blog!! I have one too, I will definitely keep my eye on your blog!!! xoxo

Lindsay Pace said...

I have something on my blog that notifies me of when someone updates there are at the bottom of the list. I'm just sayin. Have a great weekend and see you Monday morning!