Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 Car Show

On Friday night we went with Kirsten and Aaron to the 2009 car show at the South Towne Expo center. We of course stopped at Five Guy's for dinner, and found out that they are opening one in Provo in March. We could not have been any more excited! Then we were off to the show. The car show is just a big room with all of the different brands of car showing off their newest models. You can get inside of all of the cars to see if you like them or not. They have some drawings to win cars and other things, and they also have a section of really old and really expensive cars. I think I dreamed about all of the cars that I wanted that night. The following are all of the cars that I would not mind taking home (this is in my dream world BTW):
1. Acura TSX - Eric labeled this the sexy car, which it is
2. Scion tC - this cute little car has two sun roofs
3. Lincoln Navigator - this car had a drop down step... really cool
4. My all time fav the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, this one will be a reality one day!
5. Lexus RX 350 - very nice SUV!
6. Mercedes Benz C-class
7. the list could go on and on... but there are just a few.

Ok, here is a list of the cool/interseting cars, that I could never afford or want:
1. Maserati
2. Ferrari
3. Bentley
4. Smart Car aka Death Trap

We had a great time sitting in all of these cars and dreaming of the day when we might be able to actually afford one...:)


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