Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Week of Fun

So a lot has gone on since I last blogged. The main thing is that my family was here for almost a week. We did a lot and had a lot of fun. If I went into detail on everything this would be the longest blog in history, so I will just briefly go over each day.

Monday: My family got here. We went to Five Guys so my dad and Jason could try it. Jason still likes In-n-Out better, which is fine. After we ate we went to North Park and met up with my Grandma and Grandpa Morley, Uncle Ken, Uncle Mike and Aunt Wendy, and their kids. We played football, threw a frisbee and talked until it got dark. Then we went to the Malt Shop for dessert.

Tuesday: I had to work but my family came to visit me. I had an ice-social for work which worked out perfectly because my mom is one of our students so my whole family could come. After that the boys all went to see X-men and the girls went to get some food for the rest of the week in Park City.

Wednesday: Got up and left to go to Park City. Checked into our place, ate dinner and then went to Deer Creek for an outdoor piano concert. I'm pretty sure we were the only ones who didn't bring wine to drink while watching the guy play. Then we went swimming for a few hours in the pool at our condo. After that we played games until late.

Thursday: Drove up to the Park City ski resort to check out the alpine slide. Walked up and down main street to check out all of the little shops. They had a lot of intersting things. We ate lunch and then played shuffleboard for awhile. Kristen and Matt and Tyler drove down from Idaho Falls and met up with us. My brother Chris couldn't come because he just got a new job. I was so excited to see those little guys. They are adorable. We all went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and got a little snack, then we went back to our condo to swim for a few hours. Came back to our place to eat dinner and then went on a walk around this nice hotel at The Canyons. The kids went to bed and then the rest of us stayed up late playing Golf. It's a great game.

Friday: Drove up to the Park City ski resort to actually go on the alpine slide. We bought tickets for all of us to go twice, but some of us got stuck behind this REALLY slow guys, which defeats the whole purpose of the slide, so we got to go a third time. I hadn't done it in a long time and my nephews had never done it (I think.) The third time I went I had Tyler with me. He said that he didn't want to go fast, so I didn't go as fast as I normally would, but I still went kinda fast. He was so cute the whole time. He kept yelling, "WOO-HOO!" He later told everyone that the best driver of the day was me, because we had the best cart. After we were done we went to the Olympic Ski Park. We got to see some ski jumping (they are practicing by jumping into a pool. There is no snow right now.) Then we ate dinner and went to go swimming again but it started raining right after we got there. Good timing! Then we played games late into the night again!

Saturday: Packed up to leave. Went to this barn my mom wanted to go to. Went shopping at the outlets. Ate at McDonalds. Drove back to Provo. Went to the park while Jason and Eric went and shot his gun. Walked to Gandolphos. Saw pictures of Jason's mission.

Sunday: Everyone left and it was terribly quiet in our apartment. It was a nice quiet, but it's always sad when family leaves. Who knows when I will get to see my brother's family again. She is having a baby girl in August so probably sometime after the baby comes. It was a great week overall. I wish my family all lived closer so that we could do this more often.

Now some pictures. I tried to make it short, but I failed! Enjoy!