Saturday, December 5, 2009


So as I mentioned in my two previous posts, Eric and I went down to Vegas with my brother Jason to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We had a good time. We ate LOTS of food, watched football, ate LOTS of food, went shopping, visited with family, went down to the strip, oh and did I mention that we ate LOTS of food? It was great. I didn't take any pictures of Thanksgiving Day, but my grandma and mom made a delicious meal. My sister and I helped a little bit too. It was a success. Oh, and I learned how to cook a turkey. I was really intimidated before, but I now realize that it is not all that hard. Thanks for showing me mom and grandma! I also realized that yams are not all that bad. I would NOT eat that growing up, but recently I have liked whipped yams. I guess your tastes change as you get older. Anyways, on Friday night my family went down to the strip. IT WAS CRAZY down there. I have NEVER seen so many people. We had a hard time finding a parking spot. Here are some pictures.

The Bellagio:

Gambling (we each put in a whole dollar. We were only going to do quarters, but they only accept cash:)

Me at the Bellagio water show:


Tess said...

It's fun to see all the decorations in Vegas...we saw the Christmas ones last year. And I did a double take when I saw your first I thought it was you!