Monday, January 18, 2010

BYU Basketball

On Saturday I was able to go to my first basketball game this season. I didn't get an all sports pass this year so I haven't gone to many sporting events. However, Eric can sometimes get me tickets through his internship. Well, he was able to get me 2 tickets to Saturday's game, so I invited my friend Lisa to the game. Since her husband has a student pass, he was already there, and so she brought her boy Carter along. It was his first BYU Basketball game and he did so well! He just kinda hung out and looked at everything around him. He's such a cute little guy. BYU beat CSU. I should actually say they creamed them. Poor CSU! Eric had to work the game too, and it was fun to see him sitting with all of the press doing his thing. I'm so proud of him for all of the things that he has been able to do. Oh I should also mention that the seats were pretty good too. They were 14 rows up in actual seats. No more bench sitting for me. I prefer to sit during the games, not stand with tons of sweaty students! Oh, and one more thing. The half time show was this dance studio for ladies 50 and up. I can't remember the song they danced too, but it was great. They got out there and did their thing. This halftime show is quite popular with the students. The best part was the end when the oldest lady, 93, was out on the floor by herself dancing. Then she got down and did the splits! I can't even do the splits. She was awesome! I hope Eric can get me some more tickets. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for coming with me Lisa and Carter!

Lisa and Carter at his first game:

The ladies dancing:

Eric working. He is the third from the right on the second row:

Me, Lisa and Carter at the game:


Maria said...

Is Eric interning w/ Marketing?

Allison and Eric said...

No his internship is with BYU Athletic Communications. He's a Public Relations major.

Maria said...

What a cool internship! Congrats!