Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching Fire

Soon after reading The Hunger Games, my friend brought me the second book of the series, Catching Fire. I told myself I was going to get some other things done before I started it. That lasted about 3 hours. I started the book on my lunch break and read all week-end long. Every spare minute I had, my nose was in this book. How could it not be? This book was just as good as the first one!! I loved it. The story was developed even more. The love triangle got even more interesting, and now I'm even more confused as to which boy she should end up with. Oh, and the ending!! Leave you hanging much? I think so. Good thing the 3rd book comes out in 2 months or else I would be even crazier than I am now. I just want to know how it all ends!!

Like I said before, if you haven't read these books, you must! They are so good. Oh, and my co-worker and friend Emily made a good point. These books are categorized as young-adult science fiction. Let me tell you, me and science fiction do not mix. Therefore, I think this is a terrible categorization.

You all need to read these books. End of Story.


Lindzie said...

I just reserved this at my position in the queue is 217...guess I'll be waiting a while.

jenfra said...

P.S. you are freakin hilarious.