Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oktober Fest and The Peruvian Chair

Back in June when I did my triathlon, Lisa and I got free tickets to ride the Peruvian Chair or Scenic Tram at Snowbird Ski Resort.  While waiting for us at the finish line, my parents won two more tickets from the emcee for being the loudest spectators there.  It was perfect because then Lisa and I could go with our husbands for free!!  Since Eric was gone in LA all summer we weren't able to go.  I actually forget about the tickets until a couple of weeks ago when I found them in a basket.  I looked up Snowbird and found out that the trams were still open until this week-end.  It also happened to be Oktoberfest up there.  I was sold!!  Mike and Lisa got a babysitter and we all headed up to Snowbird today.  There were some vendors up there (I wish there would have been more German booths though), traditional German food, people dressed in traditional German attire, and of course beer.  After looking at some stuff at a German booth, we headed up to the food tent to eat some brats and German chocolate cake.  It was pretty good.  In the tent there was also some entertainment.  There was this yo-yo guy who was pretty good and a whole lot of people drinking beer.  We were pretty much the only one's who weren't drinking!

After eating, we headed up to the Peruvian chair to go on a ride.  After figuring out a missing ticket, we were off.  The Peruvian chair is a four-person chair lift so we were all able to sit together.  The lady at the bottom told us that it was 15 degrees colder at the top.  It was about 50 degrees at the base, so that meant we were heading into 35 degree weather.  BRRRR!!  She also told us that there was snow!  The ride up wasn't too bad.  It got cold as we got to the top but it was bearable.  We got off and walked through a tunnel to the other side of the mountain.  It wasn't as cold over there.  Then we headed back down.  IT WAS FREEZING GOING BACK DOWN.  We were going against the wind and were frozen by the time we got back down.  We were all laughing about it and having a good time though.  It definitely makes for a good memory.  We finished off the day by walking by the vendors again and then going to the car.  It was a really fun day.  I'm glad that we got free tickets and that we were able to go with our good friends! 

Eric and I in Lederhosen and an awesome dress:)

Mike and Lisa on the way up the mountain

Eric and I on the way up

The view looking down at the top.  It was cloudy.

Walking through the tunnel

The view from the other side

We look cold.  Our wind blown hair looks so awesome!

Haha, Mike looks miserable!
  Thanks for the fun Eric, Mike and Lisa!


Marilyn said...

And thanks Mom and Dad for being obnoxious and loud and winning the two tickets for you. Sounds like fun! Freezing fun! And Dad would have loved OctoberFest ya know! :) Glad you had fun.