Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Auto Expo

It has become a tradition to go with our friends Kirsten and Aaron to the Utah Auto Expo.  We usually go eat at Five Guys before going to the show.  Unfortunately we couldn't go to dinner beforehand because I had to pick Eric up at the airport at 7:45PM.  We grabbed a bite to eat really fast and then met Kirsten and Aaron at the Expo.  It's always fun to sit inside of all kinds of different cars and figure out the ones that you like.  Sitting in expensive ones is always fun too, because you know you won't be driving a car like that for a long time!  The car I still want currently is a Toyota Highlander.  They added some features this year that I really like!  We really want one, but I don't know if we'll actually buy one anytime soon.  We do need to replace our little Neon.  That car has seen better days! 

The Expo never disappoints.  If you have an auto show nearby, you should definitely go

Me and Lincoln taking a ride on the handicap lift/chair.  It was a pretty cool feature to the Sienna.

Lincoln standing by the Lincoln sign.  He thought it was awesome that there were cars with his name!

Aaron by a Ford Flex (I think).  He likes them.  They actually were pretty cool inside.

Eric and I inside of a car.  I can't remember what kind though...

Kirsten and her dream car