Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Need Your Help!

For all of you moms out there (or for those of you who just know things), what 5 things could you have NOT lived without when your babies were little?  Since we now know that we're having a boy, I am ready to start purchasing baby things.  However, I just don't even know where to start.  If any of you wise mothers have any advice for me, I will gladly take it!  Thanks!


Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

1) Mylicon drops/Gripe water
2) Bath sponge and bath accessories (washcloths, towels, baby shampoo, mineral oil)
3) Boppy nursing pillow
4) Diaper caddy
5) Mesh bag (to put the baby socks in when they go through the wash). Make sure it has a zipper, not a pull string. Baby socks will get stuck in all the crannies of the washer/dryer without it.


Sara said...

1. Over-sized swaddle blankets. The ones they sell in the stores are only big enough for like a week. See if someone you know that likes to sew can make you some- they are super easy.
2. A swing or bouncer of some sort. Heavenly.
3. A boppy, especially if you plan to nurse, but it is great even if you don't
4. A good car seat. I say go for the expensive one if you have to- you will use it A LOT. Graco safe seats are great as well as chicco. If you can, get one of the metal frame strollers to go with it- they are so nice!
5. lots and lots of one piece outfits. The outfits that are made up of several pieces might be adorable- but resist! They are such a pain, and babies make lots of messes so you end up changing their clothes often anyway. Save the really cute multi-piece outfits for when they are slightly older- more people will see them anyway that way!

Tess said...

I will focus on breastfeeding...which is a huge assumption since I don't know if you plan on it or not, but here you go.

1. Breast pump: this saved me when my milk came in and continues to be awesome so that I can leave Elisa with a sitter without any problems. I would avoid giving your baby a pacifier as long as you can and when you do, just use the ones the hospital gives you. I would also introduce a bottle around 4 weeks or so just so your baby can learn to eat from a bottle as well. We like Dr. Brown's bottles.

2. Boppy: I brought this with me to the hospital and was so glad I did.

3. Lansinoh nipple cream or something like it. I used it absolutely every time right after Elisa nursed even if I didn't feel any pain and I never had any bleeding or cracking.

And now my non-feeding advice:
We opted for a stroller frame and have loved it instead of a the big heavy complete travel system. I echo Sara's comment about the one-piece outfits. Elisa slept in a pack'n'play in our room for the first few months. It was easier to have her right there. I also borrowed a bath tub from a friend and have loved it! I'll be buying one next time around. It's the kind with a hammock in the tub which makes it soooooo easy to bathe them and they feel secure. Elisa never cried through her baths because of that hammock.

OK, information overload. :) Be sure and tell us what you end up liking when the time comes! Every mom is different and you'll find what you like or don't like soon enough!

Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

Oh, and a baby carrier of some sort. I'm a fan of Baby Bjorn, but hey, there's a lot of options out there.

Felecia Moeaki said...

One word girl...BUMBO! My kids LOVED them and it helps build their back muscles that eventually support them when they learn to sit up!

Kristen said...

swaddling blankets. more baby wipes than you can imagine needing. ever. tylenol PM (for you on "his" nights). NUK pacifiers.
congrats! you are adorable and so is your blog!