Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rockies Game

For the 4th of July, Eric and I went out to Colorado to visit my family (more about that later.)  The first night that we got there we went to a Rockies game!  I hadn't been to one in quite a few years, and Eric had never been to one so it was great for both of us.  The games that fall during the 4th always have fireworks shows afterward, so we got to enjoy a baseball game and a fireworks show.  Since it was a special game, the tickets were a little more and it was a pretty full ball park.  We didn't buy our tickets until a few days before so we were almost sitting in the very top row.  It was still fun though.  Since it isn't a Rockies game without a Rockie Dog, we all had a Rockie Dog for dinner!  The Rockies won, the fireworks were great and the company was even better.  Thanks mom and dad for taking us to a ball game! 

Oh, and I am happy to say that Eric is a full-blown Rockies fan.  He is doing a fantasy baseball league with my brother this summer, and he has the Rockies short stop, Tulowitzki, on his team, so he has been following the Rockies this season.  One day he told me that he is now a Rockies fan!  Finally, a team that Eric and I can agree on!  He even bought a Rockies shirt for the game.  Now that's a true fan!

Coors Field

Mom and Dad

Jason, my brother, and Eric