Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Crazy Week

Eric and I had one crazy week last week.  If you're in for a story, keep reading to find out what happened:

Crazy event #1:  We got home from church on Sunday and got some food to eat.  While we were sitting at the table we heard a pop and then water.  Eric ran in the kitchen to find a hose underneath the sink that had popped off of its connection.  Water was going EVERYWHERE and so fast.  The water shut-off is in the crawl space, but to get to the crawl space you have to open a little door on the floor of our storage closet.  Well, seeing how it's a storage closet, there was stuff all over the floor!  He was in his church clothes moving all of the items out of the closet while I ran upstairs to get every towel that we owned.  Eric finally got down to the crawl space and had to get to the other side to where the water shut-off is.  Luckily the crawl space is 3.5 feet high so he didn't get his nice clothes dirty.  By the time he turned the water off it was all over the kitchen floor and about 1/2"-1" deep.  We put all of the towels down to soak up the water but then we had to squeeze them out and do it all again.  We finally got all of the water cleaned off of the floor, but then Eric said that there were 2-3" of standing water in the crawl space on a plastic sheet.  We had to call the management company and they sent out a guy to come clean up the water and dry out the insulation.  Then they had a plumber come out the next day to fix the hose connection.  He fixed both the hot and cold one and now our sink is good to go.  It was nuts!  We are SO lucky that we were home when it happened.  Had it been a weekday, water would have been going all day and everything on the main floor would have had water damage.  That would have been a nightmare!

Crazy event #2:  Let's go to Tuesday.  At about 4:30 Eric called me at work to say he was going home because he was having an allergic reaction to something.  He thinks it was his shirt (which he hadn't worn in years) or the Beef Cup of Noodles he had eaten for lunch.  He said he had a rash that started in his armpit and was going down his arm.  I said it wouldn't make sense that it was his shirt then because his shirt wasn't in direct contact with his armpit.  So, I get home at five and see his rash.  It was on his arms, his chest, his back, his neck, and starting on his thighs.  It wasn't that bad at this point so we got some dinner and then he was just relaxing as much as he could with the amount of itching he was going through.  I went and got him some Benadryl, which he took at 8.  About an hour later he came up to me and showed me his stomach, which was COVERED in a rash.  I have never seen anything like it.  Not only was it covering his stomach, but his chest his sides, his thighs, neck, some of his face, his scalp and pretty much everywhere but below his knees.  It was bad.  He said it was getting a little hard to swallow too, so we both were concerned.  Well, at 9 we decided to take him to the Emergency Room because it wasn't getting better and we didn't know what to do.  2.5 hours later we left.  They didn't take us right away because other people had more serious injuries.  That makes sense though.  They just gave him some pills and a shot and gave him a prescription for steroids.  They told him food allergies can take 3 days to get out of your system so he may have some flare ups.  Well Wednesday he had a little bit of a rash but nothing like the day before.  It was crazy but I'm glad he's ok.

Crazy event #3:  Now this one isn't so bad, but it just added to the already crazy and exhausting week.  Thursday I was randomly checking our credit card online and noticed a charge for  Now I'm pretty sure that neither Eric nor I were searching for anyone online, so I called Eric and sure enough, it was a fraudulent charge.  Eric called Visa, and they reversed the charge immediately and sent us out new cards that arrived the next day.  So, like I said, not so bad, but still annoying.

So there you go.  That was our crazy week.  We were both so ready for the long week-end.  We definitely took some time to relax and it was fabulous.  I don't think we'll have much time to relax in the coming weeks... we might as well take advantage of it right?    


CHO said...

When I read that you heard a pop and water I though that YOUR water But then I kept reading and realized it was you sink. Sounds like a crazy week!! Thank goodness all this happened BEFORE your newborn, though :) You're almost there....!!