Sunday, May 27, 2012


Me and Eric have been married for four years as of May 3.  We decided to go on a little getaway to Park City, which we did for our first anniversary.  It was a lot of fun and nice to go somewhere and have time together.  We went up on Thursday (Eric took Friday off) and came back on Saturday afternoon.  We we going to leave right after Eric got off of work at 5 and eat at Texas Roadhouse, but Eric ended up having to stay at work to finish a project.  He didn't leave until after 6, and now that we have a kid, we can't start things too late in the evening.  I was kind-of upset, but everything was ok when Eric came home with a $100 gift card to Ruby River Steakhouse.  The people he was helping knew he was leaving for his anniversary so they gave him the card as a thanks for staying late to help.  We ended up going there instead, naturally!  Once we got up there we had to put Travis straight to bed.  Staying in hotels with a kid is much different.  We ran to him if he made even one peep!  Also, we couldn't do much when he was sleeping.  It was nice to just hang out with Eric though.

The next day we took Travis swimming (more about that later) and then moved to a different hotel.  We had a free night at one hotel but wanted to stay at a nice one right on one of the ski slopes.  It was nice.  Anyways, that day we went to Main Street Park City for lunch and ice-cream and then just walked around.  We took Travis swimming again and then went out for some delicious Mexican food.  This second hotel was like a 1-bedroom apartment so we could put Travis to sleep in a separate room.  We put him out by the kitchen because this hotel had the BIGGEST tub and all I wanted to do was take a bubble bath.  Once Travis was in bed that's exactly what I did.  It was so relaxing.  I've been wanting to take a bath for so long, but little bath tubs are no fun.

The last day we went and got some breakfast since the nicer hotel didn't provide it.  Seems backward to me.  Anyways, we then went to the outlets and got me some new clothes.  I love having outlets relatively close.  I'm not sure Eric does though:)  We then headed home!  It was such a nice little getaway.  It was hard to do a lot of things because we had to plan around Travis' nap and eating schedule.  I guess I should get used to traveling not being so easy!  It's so worth it to have such a cute little boy though!

Ok, now some pictures:

Dinner at the Steakhouse

Daddy and Son

Travis' cheesy smile.  Don't you just love those cheeks?!

Look how small he looks in the giant tub

Family Photo

Travis mesmerized by the fire