Sunday, August 16, 2009

Utah County Fair and Lincoln's First Birthday

This Saturday was a fun filled day for Eric and I. In the afternoon we went to the Utah County Fair with Ryan, Amber, Steve, Rachel, Jason and Chris. We walked around for a little bit looking at the booths and the animals. We walked around looking for some good food, but were a little disappointed when they didn't have Turkey legs or funnel cakes. What fair doesn't have funnel cakes? We got some food and sat around and talked for awhile. Then we went and watched the tractor pull. This was the higlight of the day! Well, not really but it was definitely something that I had never seen before. We watched it for a little while and then left. It was pretty fun. Here are some pictures:

The start of one of the pulls: Chris showing us how exciting it is: A picture of one of the tractors and the awesome guy who drove it. I was going to post a video instead but it wouldn't work:

Following the fair, Eric and I went to a park in Orem to celebrate our buddy Lincoln's FIRST birthday!! Lincoln is Kirsten and Aaron's little boy. They grilled up some delicious burgers and everyone sat around and talked. We had met most of the people there before so it was fun to see them again. The party was jungle themed, so Kirsten got jungle decorations and make a cute lion cake. She did a great job. Lincoln got to open some presents and then got to eat a piece of chocolate cake. Kirsten stripped him down to his diaper and then let him go to town. It was pretty cute. After the party, Eric and I went over to Kirsten and Aaron's and hung out for the rest of the night. We love hanging out with them. They are great friends. We are also glad that we got to celebrate Lincoln's first birthday. I can't believe how fast kids grow up.


Kristen said...

I can't believe that it has been a year. I've never met the kid, but I feel like I know him because she was pregnant with him at your wedding. Cute Cute. Love the tractor pull pics. Don't you just want to have a good conversation with the guy pulling it? I seriously would love to talk to him. I bet he has some good stories.