Friday, September 11, 2009

Our First Big Purchase

Eric and I like to go to the RC Wiley Outlet store and walk around to see if there are any great deals. In July we decided that we wanted to buy a chair and a half. A few of our friends have them and they are just so comfortable. One day we decided to go to the real RC Wiley store to look around. The only chair we found was part of this great furniture set that Eric and I were sitting on just dreaming about the day when we can have nice furniture. Well the next week-end we happened to go to the outlet store again, just walking around, when SURPRISE, that couch was there! It is a really big, really nice couch and we couldn't believe it was there. We looked at the price and it was 50% off! We thought there had to be something seriously wrong with the couch. Turns out there was a little tear that they fixed. You can hardly see it. The sales guy told us that he would give us $30 off of the already listed price if we picked it up ourselves and then he would throw in a free scotchguard. Great deal! The only problem is that we don't have a truck and neither do any of our friends. We went back the next day to get it with the plan of asking if we could borrow a cart, because we only live 3 blocks away. They let us, so Eric and I pushed this large couch down the street. People were staring at us. It was pretty funny. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures. I wish I would have. Eric and our neighbor Mike brought the couch up to our apartment and it barely fit! It will be interesting to get it out when we move. A week later we decided to buy the ottoman that goes with it. I'm glad we did. It made it that much better. Eric and I are happy with out purchase. It is so much better than that futon!


chelsea said...

oooh very nice Alli!

Emily said...

Wow, that ottoman is huge! :) I hope the right side of your face feels better. And don't come back to work on Monday, but do come back on Tuesday because the prophet is coming for devotional. And you have to be back for the seminar on Wednesday!!!

Wendy said...

I love your couch too! We must have great taste because we have a couch that looks almost exactly like yours...and we have 2 chair and a halfs. I will send you a picture.