Sunday, November 14, 2010

Medieval Times

The Saturday that we were in Virginia, we met up with Eric's Aunt and Uncle and cousins to go to dinner and a show.  What kind of show do you ask?  A medieval show!!  They have this place in Maryland called Medieval Times.  When you walk in, you a given a crown in a particular color.  When it's time to start you are called in by your color, and you are all seated together.  Everyone in this section becomes your team; we were on the red team.  By team, I mean the knight that you are cheering for.  Each section has their own knight and then one knight that you are supposed to cheer against.  In our case it was the green knight.  He turned out to be evil. 

We were given a whole meal.  We ate off of pewter dishes and didn't have any utensils.  That was fun.  We ate tomato bisque soup, bread, chicken, ribs, potatoes, and an apple turnover.  The food was pretty good.

While we were eating we watched an entire show about a King, Prince and Princess.  There were knights who jousted, did some other tricks, and fought.  There were a lot of horses who did some horse tricks too.  It was very entertaining.  Unfortunately, our knight was the first to get killed.  He was still awesome.  He threw me a carnation. :)

My favorite part of the event was that the workers called you My Lord/Lady.  Just to make it more fun, I kept calling everyone My Lord (all the workers around us were men).  It was so funny.  We were all getting pretty into it.  If you have one of these place near you, I highly suggest that you go.  It's really fun even if you aren't into that kind of thing.

Outside of the building

The arena.  It's a dark picture, sorry.

Eric and his cousin Peter.

Eric's parents, his cousin Will, and Uncle Al


Staci said...

I love Medieval Times! They have one in Dallas and I got to go a couple of times in high school. It's a blast! Reading this made me want to go again... then I saw the prices... oh my! Maybe later...