Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday and Thanksgiving

I know it' been awhile since Thanksgiving, but I've been a little busy.  Thanksgiving happened to be the same day as Eric's birthday this year.  It was a weird day for us though because we were traveling to North Carolina.  However, we did have a little celebration two days beforehand with some of our friends at Texas Roadhouse.  A whole bunch of people surprised Eric which was nice because usually people are already out of town for the holiday on Eric's birthday.  It just so happens that our friend Aaron's birthday was a few days before Eric's, so we had them celebrate together.  At Texas Roadhouse they make you sit on a horse saddle and Yee-Haw.  Aaron and Eric sat on it together.  C.U.T.E.

We didn't get to North Carolina until around 6:30PM on Thanksgiving day, so it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving.  It was still nice though.  Eric's mom made a DELICIOUS meal and a lot of delicious pies.  After dinner we celebrated Eric's birthday.

We had a lot of fun in North Carolina.  While there we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art to see a Norman Rockwell exhibit.  He was an amazing artist.  We also ate some delicious BBQ, played A LOT of games, saw the new Harry Potter, enjoyed the sunny weather and spent a lot of quality time with family.  It was such a nice vacation.  I can't wait to go back to visit again.

I was really bad a taking pictures this vacation.  The only thing I caught was when we fed some ducks at the lake near Eric's parents house.  There were a lot of them.  I was afraid they were going to attack!  Eric's dad was brave and let them eat out of his hand.