Friday, April 22, 2011

My Embarrassing Moment

I started this post weeks ago, but have been too lazy to finish it, until now.

For all of my dedicated readers out there, you may remember me writing this when posting about the BYU Basketball team, "I just might have a little crush on Jackson Emery.  Don't worry, Eric is fully aware.  He might have a crush on Jimmer and that's OK."  Obviously that was a joke, right?  I wrote that fully anticipating that none of the people mentioned would EVER read my blog.

Let's move forward a few days to the day after I wrote about being pregnant.  I posted a link on Facebook for people to come read it.  My little brother saw that link on Facebook and decided to read the blog post and then some more.  There's no harm in that right?  Well, I got a phone call from him on my lunch break that day.  He told me that he decided to read my blog while meeting with one of his school groups (sounds like an effective group meeting huh?)  As soon as he told me that, I knew there was a problem and turned bright red.  I only knew of one group that he was in this semester, and it just so happened that Jackson Emery was in that group.  Yes, the same Jackson Emery that I had mentioned that I had a crush on.  Well, my brother found this to be humorous and decided to share that little part of my blog with Jackson.  According to him it went a little something like this, "Hey Jackson, do you want to know what my married sister thinks of you?"  He then proceeded to read that part to him.  Apparently Jackson just laughed.  I'm sure he gets that a lot.

Anyways, it was a little embarrassing, especially to someone who gets embarrassed easily.  Looking back now it is pretty funny though.  Thanks Jason for sharing my blog with him, haha!    

On a similar note, that same day when driving back from lunch, I saw someone.  I posted about it on Facebook.  This is what it said:  "As I was driving back to work from lunch today, I had to drive through the Marriott Center parking lot. While doing so I suddenly had to slow down for a male figure who was crossing the road to the Marriott Center. As I stared at this man I realized it was the one and only JIMMER FREDETTE. He looked at me as I stared at him. I quickly, and awkwardly, looked away and drove past him. Good thing I slowed down or I would have ended his NBA career too soon. Needless to say, I was a little star struck. That was the closest I have ever been to him. (Eric thinks I am ridiculous)."  It was just funny that these two events happened in the same day.  

OK, that's all.  Have a great day!


Sara said...

lol. I thought your post about Jackson was hilarious. He was our home teacher while we were in Provo. Nice guy. His wife is pregnant and due about the same time as you I think.

Did I already tell you congrats? I can't remember- so CONGRATS!! Way exciting!