Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On May 7 one of Eric's best friends, Sean, got married in the Salt Lake City temple.  It was a beautiful wedding.  Eric has known Sean since his Freshmen year at BYU.  Eric, Sean and two other guys, Ryan and Craig, all lived together after their missions for 2+ years.  They've all been to each others weddings (Sean was the last one to get hitched) which is pretty fun.  It was a great day to be with friends and to see how happy Sean and Caitlin are.  Congratulations you two!  

Making their appearance as Mr. and Mrs. Summerhays

All of us friends there, except for Amber.  She was taking the picture.

Sean and his Groomsmen

The four boys showing their wedding rings.  Yes, I know it's a cheesy picture, but that's why it awesome!


Kristen said...

Tell Sean that we are mad at him for not inviting us....... rude...(in a bon qui qui voice)