Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Galvanic Spa Time!

Most of you don't know this, but Eric got a new job this summer at NuSkin doing Corporate Communications.  He does not do any sales so don't worry, I will not be inviting you over for "dinner" anytime soon.  This job is really great for him because it's actually in Corporate Communications, which he wants to do, and it's for a global company which will give him great experience.  This does mean that we will be living in Utah County for the next few years (or more).  It wasn't our ideal situation, but we are both very grateful for the job and the experience Eric will get.

Well, one of the many benefits of Eric working there is that I get to try out their many products.  It's actually been quite fun for me since I don't usually use expensive products on myself.  I have tried different cleansers, masks, lotions and I still have a lot to try.  One of the things that I really enjoy doing is their Galvanic Spa.  It's this little electronic device that "zaps" away your imperfections.  You put this pretreatment gel on your face, then use the machine, and then put treatment gel on your face and use the machine.  It's supposed to clear up your skin and reduce the signs of aging.  Don't mind if I do!  So far I think it works really well.  Seriously, if I have a zit coming in, if I do the spa, I can barely feel it the next day.  It's awesome.  I've been trying to do the spa every Sunday night just for fun.  I've tried to convince Eric that he wants to try out all of this stuff too, but he isn't caving...yet!  Luckily I have friends who are willing to try these things with me.  My friend Amber has been a great spa buddy.  She loves to try the stuff with me too, and it makes it more fun.  She also loves the Galvanic Spa, so one night we did it together.  How cute are we?

Action shot

Oh, I forgot to mention that both Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman use the Galvanic Spa.  So pretty much I'm like a celebrity (in my dreams)!  Haha, anyways... so if you'd ever like to experiment with some facial products, let me know!  I am more than willing to have people come make their skin pretty with me. 


Staci said...

You are adorable! And you are wearing a Mystic Connecticut t-shirt which makes me wonder when you came out and didn't visit me. :) I kid, I kid. Love you and your bump!