Monday, August 1, 2011

Where did all of your hair go?

That's the question that Eric has been asking me the past few days.  I cut my hair, and I had the girl cut it a little shorter than normal since my life might be quite crazy in the upcoming months.  I like it so far.  It's pretty much the same cut I usually get, so nothing drastic this time around.  I figured while I was showing my new haircut I might as well show my belly too.  So here you are, my new hair with a 33 week belly shot.

Hmmm, I took the second picture with my phone, and it won't let me turn it the right way.  So, have fun looking at it sideways!  It's a much better shot of what my hair actually looks like so move that neck and take a look. (You may also want to click on it to enlarge it.)  Oh, and I'm also standing a little sideways in case you're wondering why my belly looks lopsided!

Happy Monday!


Tess said...

So cute! I notice that you are wearing your ring...just as a head's up mine got seriously stuck and it hurt so badly to take it off! Be careful and not foolish like me!