Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Almost Forgot...

So remember my post last week talking about my new blogging approach?  Well, I almost forgot about it this week.  I have gotten so used to not blogging that I just didn't think about it until I sat down at my computer to do something else, and BAM! I remembered.  Ha!

Anyways, this week has been an interesting one.  Travis has decided that sleeping for more than thirty minutes at a time during the day is totally over-rated (I don't agree) and I don't know if it's because he doesn't like his swaddle anymore, or something else.  Everything is like a guessing game at this age.  I hope we figure it out soon though because he needs to sleep more.  He's been pretty happy regardless though.  He's such a sweet boy.

Last Friday, 3/2, we gave Travis his first taste of solid foods: rice cereal.  He loves it!  His first bite wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, but I think it's because rice cereal doesn't have much flavor.  Maybe when we give him other stuff we'll got those awesome baby faces.  Now he knows what's coming when you put him in his high chair and he gets excited and opens his mouth waiting for us to feed him.  He whines between bites if you aren't going fast enough.  It's funny.  I'm glad he's doing well with solids.  This video is from Eric's phone which is why it's sideways.  I had one on our video camera but it won't upload for some reason.  Sorry!


 We bought Travis some sun glasses the other day.  He looks so cute.  He loves to look around when we go for walks but if the sun is in his face he gets annoyed because I have to block his view.  Solution: sunglasses.  He doesn't keep them on very well though.  He thinks it's more fun to eat them.  Actually, we went for a 45 minute walk on Monday and he kept them on the whole time.  A whole bunch of people kept telling me how awesome he looked (duh! He's always cute, haha!).  He really does look so cute in them though.

In other news:  I am going to cancel my gym membership.  It is so hard to get to the gym with a little guy and no one to watch him during the day.  Eric is busy on Tuesday and Thursday nights until 10. Wednesday he's gone until 8:45ish.  He's also busy on Saturday mornings.  So, all of the other times he's home I could go, but I kinda want to spend some time with him...  Therefore, I decided to buy some workout videos and a jogging stroller and do my working out from home.  I'm kinda kicking myself for not investing in a nice jogging stroller from the beginning, because now I have two strollers worth the same price of a nice BOB stroller.  Oh well.  I'm just lucky that I have the two.  Now I really have to hunker down and start working out...  Luckily one of me best friends, Lisa, is helping to motivate me to work-out and eat healthier.  Swim suit season is coming and as of right now, I don't want anyone to see me in a swimsuit.  Alright, enough of that...

Well, that's all for this week!  Happy Daylight Savings!