Friday, March 23, 2012

Teething = HORRIBLE

I have always heard that teething is not a fun thing for both baby and parent.  I now can say for certain that it is not fun AT ALL!!

Two blog posts ago I mentioned how Travis had decided to only take thirty minute naps.  I thought it was because he didn't want to be swaddled, and so I started doing what it took to break him of that habit.  He wasn't taking to that very well and after a few days of a lot of tears, I went to a cooking group with some women at church and was talking to them about what was going on.  They told me that it could be teething or an ear infection.  I didn't think it was an ear infection because he didn't really have any symptoms for it.  I let the bad sleeping go for a few days and then I was going to call the Pediatrician.  Well, one week from when the bad naps started, I was at Costco and was trying to make Travis smile.  It was then that I noticed a kind-of white bump in his mouth.  I looked this up online and it turns out the white bump is what shows before a tooth breaks!  Well that would explain the poor naps AND the night waking (he is a good night sleeper).  Well, I kept questioning myself because the bump was sometimes hard to see, then on Saturday, 3/17, Eric felt his gums and sure enough a tooth!  That sucker is sharp.  It's nice that it broke through, but those front teeth come in two's, so now we're waiting for that second one to come and the poor sleeping and occasional crankiness persists.  Middle of the night crying is so hard to deal with.  Luckily Eric is helpful even though he has to go to work.  It wouldn't be so horrible if I could take a nap, but by the time I'm falling asleep, Travis is waking up.  It's SO HARD!!!  I have to keep telling myself that this is just a phase and that his good sleep will return (fingers crossed.)  Until then, I'm trying to get all of the sleep that I can.

I would show you a picture but he will barely ever keep his tongue back long enough for me to get a look.  Maybe I can get a good picture when the teeth come up more.  Oh how I'm going to miss that all gum smile.  It's so sweet...