Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eric and BYU Football

Eric has an internship with BYU Sports Communications for this semester and then next semester. For this internship he is the Sports Information Director. He sounds like a big deal! Anyways, every intern gets assigned a sport, but then they have to help out with the two major sports: Football and Basketball. This means that he gets to go to EVERY home game, sit in the press box, eat Tucanos (a Brazilian Grill), answer phones for people who call in to check on the game (ex: ESPN), go to the press conference afterward and then send quotes to people who need them. Not a bad deal I would say. So far he has had a lot of fun. Oh, and he gets parking pass so he can park right there in the stadium. Lucky guy. Here are some pictures of him before he went to the first BYU home game.

This is his press pass. If you can see in this one, our last name is spelled wrong! That happens on occasion. Our last name can be tough!