Sunday, October 11, 2009


For about two years now, Eric and I were supposed to make peach cobbler with our very good friends Kirsten and Aaron. Aaron had gotten a dutch oven for his birthday or something, and we kept talking about going, but our schedules were too busy or it was too cold. There was always something keeping us from going. Well, we finally planned on going and we actually were able to. None of us had actually made something in a dutch oven before, so I called my parents, who are dutch oven experts, and got some tips. I read through some recipes online as well to see what other people did. Before we had cobbler though, we had tin foil dinners. Those are always fun to make, and even more fun to eat. I've only done them twice, but they turned out pretty good. I would probably add a few more things next time I do it. While our tin foil dinners were cooking, we prepped the peach cobbler. Most recipes call for store bought canned peaches, but we were using home canned peaches. I canned them myself! Apparently home canned peaches have more juice in them, so I had to pour some of the juice out. Once I did that I poured some cinnamon-sugar on top, put a package of yellow cake on top of that, and then I poured some Sprite on top. Aaron heated up the charcoal, put some in the fire pit, put the dutch oven on top, and then put more charcoal on top. After about 45 minutes it was done! It turned out really good. There were a few things that I would do different next time like pour out more peach juice and pour more Sprite on top. The bottom was too juicy and the top was a little dry, but they canceled each other out. It was really good. First time success. I hope we do it again. Oh, and it was also Lincoln's first time to see a camp fire. I think he liked it a lot, which scared Kirsten. He is such a cute little kid. I think he had fun too. Let's make cobbler again guys! Next time we'll have to do it while camping though!

The tin foil dinners cooking:

Hanging out around the fire:

The peach cobbler cooking:

Eric and Aaron eating dinner:

Kirsten, Lincoln and I eating dinner:

The finished peach cobbler: