Sunday, October 11, 2009


On September 3rd I got my tonsils taken out at the Outpatient Center here in Provo. That was quite the experience. I had been having problems with my tonsils for awhile, and they have been big my whole life, so I went to the doctor in July just to see what was going on. The doctor said I had tonsillitis and that it was my choice if I wanted to get them taken out or not. He did say that the older you get, the more painful it will be. He also said that as an adult, it would hurt much worse than if I had gotten them out as a child. Yikes! He also said that my tonsils would not get better but he couldn't promise me that they wouldn't get worse. Eric and I have pretty good insurance right now, so I just decided to go ahead and get it over with. We had to be at the hospital at 7:45AM. I don't think I actually went into the operating room until 9:30. All I remember is a doctor saying they were giving me a relaxant and then I woke up in the recovery room with very chapped lips and I was SO thirsty. After eating an popsicle and a pudding, they took me back to see Eric. I stayed at the hospital for a little while longer and then went home. I think I slept pretty much the whole day. I was on Percocet and that stuff makes you very sleepy! I was only on it for 3 days though because it ended up making me sick, and throw up. Therefore, I had to go on Extra Strength Tylenol. That stuff is not nearly as helpful! Anyways, I stayed home from work for a week and a half. Eric took great care of me. He tried to make me food that I could eat. That wasn't much. I lost a few pounds because it hurt too much to eat anything. I was craving a hamburger the whole time. Things are much better now. I only feel a little pain when I yawn now, and that actually will happen for a few months. It's weird to look in my throat and not see two large tonsils. Eric and I didn't get any pictures of this experience, but when I got back to work, my boss made me this cute candy poster. It was nice of her. I sure like candy! (So I just looked at the preview and it's really hard to read it. Pretty much it's just using candy bar names in a sentence.)