Friday, June 5, 2009

Game Playing

For anyone who has ever played a game with Eric and I, you will know that we are both VERY competitive. We take our game playing seriously. Whenever we play a game where you have to keep score, if either of us wins, we take the paper and put it on our fridge at home. It stays up there until we have another one. Recently we have been keeping records of scoreless games. Let me show you how:

Example 1: Sorry. If you look closely you can see a thumbs up. Eric won this game. I never knew Sorry could be so intense. We were yelling. It was pretty funny.

Example 2: Ticket to Ride. If you look closely on this one you can see a finger pointing at a yellow marker. This is MY score. If you look behind it, you can see Eric's score shown by the black marker. Now let me just say that Eric ALWAYS wins this game. This was the best game ever, because not only did I beat him, but I creamed him. I was so happy. I don't think he was. Sorry babe!