Friday, June 5, 2009

Picnic in the Park

This past Saturday we went on a picnic with our friends Mike and Lisa. Eric and I got a picnic basket and blanket for our wedding. I love to use them. It's a perfect set-up: 4 plates, 4 sets of silverware, and 4 cups in a convenient basket. The basket is meant to carry the food, but we decided to go unhealhty for this picnic. We went to KFC and got the greasiest chicken possible, a few side dishes, and drinks. We went to a park near our apartment that has a little duck pond. The only place that had shade that wasn't taken was right by the pond. We took bread to distract the ducks, but they still found our picnic sight. It was pretty funny to watch Lisa run at them to make them go away! The food was mostly good. I wouldn't recommend the corn on the cob or the mac'n'cheese to anyone. Eric loved the mac'n'cheese, so I guess it's all about preference. After we stuffed our faces we were just sitting around talking. Eric really likes to hold babies, once the are not so fragile, so he was holding Carter. Mike was throwing bread towards Eric so that the ducks would go towards him. Eric didn't want them to come near him since he was holding Carter, so he turned to pick up the bread. Well, let's just say he wasn't holding onto Carter as tight as he should have been and the poor little kid face planted it into the blanket. He got pretty scared and started crying. Eric felt really bad. Once he calmed down, Eric picked him up again and they were best buds once more. For all of you parents out there, don't worry, Eric is usually really good with kids! It was a fun picnic. I think we should do them more often. If anyone wants to go on one, let me know. I will be there so fast!

Eric with his bud Carter:

Mike and Lisa:

Eric and I: (Eric made me do this)

Our picnic spot, after we ate. I was too excited to eat to take a picture before:


Mike and Lisa said...

Awesome! Yeah for picnics! I'm glad that Carter has a short term memory and forgot about the trauma he went through with Eric, they look pretty cute together!