Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pedicures and Beef Jerky

Last Saturday my wonderful husband surprised me with a coupon for a pedicure. Him and our friend Mike both went out and bought coupons so that Mike's wife, Lisa, and I could relax a little and have pretty toes. It sure was nice and relaxing. I love getting pedicures. They feel so good. I wish I could get them once a month. If only we could afford that!! I have such a great husband. He is so good to me.

Can you tell which foot is mine?

Thanks Eric!

Growing up my family used to always make homemade beef jerky whenever we went on road trips or anything. I've really wanted to make some, but didn't have a dehydrator to do so. The last time we went to Las Vegas to visit my grandparents, Eric mentioned this to my Grandpa, and so he gave us theirs. They don't use it anymore. Ever since then we have been trying to find jerky seasoning but couldn't. One day we were at Wal-Mart and called my mom to see if she knew where to get some. Turns out that the seasoning is not with all of the other seasonings, but with the appliances. Interesting... Eric and I ventured over that way and found it! A couple of days later we pulled out the dehydrator, got some ground beef, pulled out our cookie press, and got out the seasoning packet. Then we did the following:
Mix the ground beef and the seasoning:

Put the mix into the cookie press or jerky maker:

Push the meat out onto the dehydrator into strips:

Turn the dehydrator on: (it should only take a few hours, ours took like 16... the machine is a little old.)

Then eat! This stuff is delicious. I highly recommend it. We are definetely going to do this again!


chelsea said...

good idea Alli! looks yummy