Friday, June 5, 2009


I figured that I better put up some pictures of us actually shooting that gun that I last posted about. One Saturday afternoon we went out and shot in this field in Mapleton, UT. It was an interesting place. There were random animal carcasses just laying there. Weird! Anyways, our friends Mike and Lisa, and Ryan and Amber came with us. We all shot a little bit excpet for Lisa. She stayed inside the warm car with her cute kid Carter. Mike brought a big box of clay pigeons. Now, this is a little embarrasing, but I have always heard about shooting clay pigeons. The only problem is that I have never seen one. I was a little surprised when he pulled out this little box that supposedly held 90 or something like that. I was thinking, "how do 90 clay birds fit in there?" Well, much to my surprise, they are actually clay disks. Why don't they call them clay disks then? Man did I feel like an idiot! That just goes to show how much I really know about guns! We had a fun time. Eric bought a box of 100 bullets, and came home with 20. Poor little pigeons! Enjoy!

Eric shooting. If you look closely you can see the "pigeon."

Allison shooting. I have a strange look on my face...

We had a good time. If anyone ever wants to go shoot guns, just ask Eric. He would be glad to go.


Chris and Mindy said...

I wanna play and go one picnics!! I'm so jealous! :)